Update on Neva Cooper

Ned has communicated to some already that Neva developed a case of pneumonia Friday night. She is still in the hospital after having her spleen removed. 

Prayer Request - Neva Cooper

This was originally posted by a friend of her's in Nebraska:

Hey Friends,

I promised an update on our friend Neva who lives in North Platte as I know many of you have inquired about her and love her to death! She is truly one of Gods unique and special children. As much as she may put up the strong front, inside, she has to be living her own personal story of Job.


Hello from Lubbock - Kris Smith, February

Hello everyone,


Hello from Lubbock - Kris Smith

Hello everyone,

I know it is hard to imagine but Lubbock is actually turning green. With a little bit of rain that we had we are seeing some grass and leaves and for us it looks pretty good. For those in places like Alaska or New Zealand you may be laughing. It sure is quiet around the AIM office. The rest of SIBI is still in session so we still have some students and AIM assistants around but even they will be leaving in a few short weeks.




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