The New Adventures of Food

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Can a Person Leave Covenant with God?

​            Can a person leave the covenant of Christ after becoming a baptized believer in Christ?  Scripture does not teach that specifically.  If after falling away, does he need to be baptized into Christ again?

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10 Ways To Put Some SPARK Back In Your Marriage

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Birthday Dress 2017

I am so happy to be celebrating another birthday with my wonderful wife. She inspires me in every way, and I am a better man because she is in my life. She is a beautiful wife, daughter, and sister. And it is a joy to now add mother to that list. Justus and I have it so good.

Every year for Katie’s birthday, we go out and buy her a new dress and then do a photoshoot to celebrate her new year of life. Here is Birthday Dress 2017!

This article is from reprinted Brandon and Katie Price. Please see original for comments.


Dear Partners and Friends, My family and I miss you greatly. Hoping this email will find each one of you strong in The Lord. Kindly find the enclosed attached of our newsletter. As you read through, please lift up Egypt and the work in Egypt in your daily fervent prayers. Love you all. Richly Blessings Habashy Family

July Newsletter from the Charltons

thanks again and God bless you all Polly

Apr-May-Jun 2017 - The African Report

Enjoy our latest newsletter from South Africa, and share with others, if you wish. We are in the middle of a COLD winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, looking forward to the "trade winds" to come our way in late August. Remember us in your prayers, as we're not as young as we USED to be. Cold weather takes its toll on us old folks! I turned 76 in Feb. this year, and Ann is 75 now, to turn 76 in mid-October. We probably shouldn't still be working, but we are and nobody has told us to stop yet! We will wait upon the Lord to let us know when we should stop, I guess. He knows best!


Our latest update

Look What God is Doing.

Look What God is Doing. Please read the attached mission update. Tim Brumfield Sunset International Bible Institute ( International Department Email: Cell: 806-787-6351 SIBI: 806-792-5191

Brazil Mission Report June-4th of July 2017 Whtie Family

God bless and keep fired up in the Lord! Have a blessed day, Mark and Juaneylla White Deborah and Barbara



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