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Volume 2, Issue 2 April ~ June 2012 In This Issue LIVING THE VISION SIBI ~ MOVING FORWARD FOOD FOR THOUGHT KAYLI'S KOMMENTS PARTNERING CONTACT US DEAR ONES: We hope this is finding you all well and abundantly blessed. We are anxious to share with you all the wonderful things that God is doing in our lives and mission but in this day of technology overload, we know that having just another 'newsletter' in your in-box can be ... well ... just another 'newsletter' in your inbox. In an attempt to make our sharing with you more enjoyable and easier to read, we are making some changes in our"Kendalls:On Mission" e-news format. Among those changes is a quarterly publication and a wider reading area. We will continue to tweak it as time goes by so we'd love to know what YOU would like to see in the content of the newsletter. Please feel free to drop us a note with thoughts and suggestions on how we can make it even better. We hope you enjoy this bit of news from our side of the world. Because He said "GO"! Brandi and Penny Kendall For Up-to-the-Minute, Daily Musings, Experiences and Photographs of the

Haiti Report

Dear Co-laborers for the aid of Haiti,

It continues to be our privilege at Sunset to be partnering with you in ministry to the people of Haiti.  Because of your love for the Lord and your mercy toward those who are hurting, we have been able to continue our efforts to relieve the suffering of those affected by the Port au Prince earthquake.  Your participation in this ministry is a great encouragement to us and to those receiving aid.  God be praised for His work in and through you.


Haiti Report Four - Tim Burow

I continue to be thankful for the opportunity to minister to the needs of people in Haiti.  The need is overwhelming and resources insufficient for all that could be done.  What we have we are using, and people are so very thankful for anything that we offer.  It is hard to describe the devastation that has come into these people’s lives.  They have endured so much, and yet they are unbroken.  They are a remarkable people.

Haiti Rubble More Haiti buildings demolished

Haiti Report Three - Tim Burow

Monday morning came early as we arose at 3:30 for our drive to Port au Prince.  We were able to secure a box truck, for security reasons, to take us and the food we had purchased.  The tons of rice and beans we had acquired fit very well in the 20 foot cargo area.  There were, however, six of us in the cab.  The trip took about eight and a half hours.  Portions of the road are good and afford a steady speed, but most is gravel wash-board and filled with “cauldron holes,” my word for bigger than pot-holes.  It was pretty rough.  This is the main highway from the north.  Many have wondered wh

Update on Tim Burow in Haiti

Tim is still without internet in Haiti, but is working on relief efforts in the tent city in Port au Prince and with Christians there.  He is doing well, but his camera has been broken.  Hopefully he will find someone who will share pictures with him.  Let's continue to pray for Tim as he travels and does the work of God there.  Also pray for David Dirrim and those others who are working diligently to assist and teach those there.

In Him,
Chris Swinford

Haiti Update - 2/14/2010

My time thus far in Haiti has introduced me to some wonderful brethren who are advancing the cause of the kingdom and initiating help for the hurting of this country.  The Lord through his servant James tells us what pure religion is all about.  He encourages us to care for the widows and orphans.  Fanrose is one such brother.  Pictured below he is standing with Dale Huff (the director of our school in Cap Haitian.  Over and over the preachers I meet tell me of all the people who flooding into their homes from Port au Prince.  Fanrose is taking care of two children of his deceased brother.  He is active in training preachers and is much respected in the community of brethren in the Cap Haitian area.  Through men like him, the gospel of Christ is being portrayed for all to see.

Dale Huff and James

Haiti Update - 2/13/2010

My first day and experience in Haiti consists in my bus ride across the border from Santiago, Dominican Republic.  As we drove nearer the border in Dominican, we could see the towns and people becoming poorer.  One notices at the border that those who are doing the manual labor and carrying are of darker complexion.  The women are carrying things on their head and it is amazing to see how they balance such large and cumbersome loads.  We saw quite a few rice fields, and recognizing it as a staple, along with beans in the Haitian diet, we can easily understand why there are so many fields of it.  It reminded me of those I have seen in Korea, only flatter.

Refuges in Haiti

Update from Tim in Haiti

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

Tim made it successfully to Haiti to minister and assist with relief efforts there. His bags even made it with him! So far, he is without internet service, but texted that he is safe and sound. We praise God for the successful completion of this initial phase of this trip and will continue to pray for traveling mercies. I'm sure that when he can, he will communicate reports.

In Him,

Update on Sunset's Efforts to Help Haiti


We are continuing to receive donations for Sunset International Bible Institute's Haitian Relief Fund.  Read more about how we are using this money in Haiti and consider contributing.

 Sunset International Bible Institute has a partnership relationship with schools of preaching, congregations and humanitarian agencies in Haiti and neighboring Dominican Republic.  We are collecting relief funds to be used as follows:

Update on Neva Cooper

Miss Bobbie just received a phone call from Ned.

Neva has developed an infection after the surgery to remove her spleen.

She is scheduled to go back into surgery at about 5pm today.

Please take a moment to remember her in your prayers.



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