April Newsletter from Athens

Greetings in the Lord dear friends and loved ones

Attached please find our April Newsletter from Athens Greece. We will be traveling back to the states later this week for our son’s graduation, so we will probably be out of the net for the next couple of weeks.

We pray this finds each and every one of you well in the Lord

With Love
Ron and Diana

Support Search... HE Provides!!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

As with the account of Abraham, The Lord commanded the man of faith not to lay a hand on the boy Isaac. In place of the boy, "Abraham looked up and there in a thicket he saw a ram caught by its horns. He went over and took the ram and sacrificed it as a burnt offering instead of his son. So Abraham called that place The LORD Will Provide. And to this day it is said, 'On the mountain of the LORD it will be provided'." (Gen.22:13-14 NIV)

Wednesday Morning Report (on Thursday) - posted on Monday

Greetings in the Lord,
We pray this finds you well this day. The weather is starting to warm up very nicely here in Athens this month. We pray it is nice where you are also.

We’ve had a pretty normal week this week here at the school. Sacrificial Systems is proving once again to be one of my favorite courses. It’s wonderful to see the excitement in the students eyes when they see that those things we once thought were just dry old rituals in the Old Testament Law are really all about Jesus Christ and God’s plan of Salvation for man-kind. The students have been reporting that they have been enjoying Sammy and Ty very much in their classes also. Sammy and Ty are on a visit to the island of Crete this week, to meet with some Christians there and have a few days of study. They will be back this Saturday morning.

Goracke Update


We are preparing to leave tomorrow morning (Friday) for two meetings with two definite supporters. The first is with the Eastwood church in Hutchinson, KS. They have given me both the am worship time and a special afternoon "Mission Study" time to preach and give our presentation about the Singapore work.

From there we will go to Shawnee, OK to meet with George's friend (reference/lead), who has informed me of his and possibly other individual committments. From there we will probably visit the Memorial Rd church in Edmond, OK who helped us with a one time gift.

Also we are trying to arrange other meetings with interested churches in MO, KY, AL and possibly others. We have one "definite anytime" meeting invitation with a church in KY, but would really like to firm up other opportunities to make the trip more economical as well as fruitful from other visits along the way.

Prayer Request from the Goracke's

Dear Family & Friends,

I know many of you have been anxiously awaiting the response to my phone meeting from this past Friday evening concerning the financial support possibility that I wrote and asked you to be praying about. That Friday meeting extended into a second phone meeting on Monday morning, by which time I was able with the help of dear friends, to get our packet information into the hands of the considering party. After that meeting, like many of you, I waited as patiently as possible until I received a phone call from the considering party late this afternoon (Tuesday).

In answer to all of our prayers, this party has committed to a generous one time offering with the consideration of contributing even more in the future after a face to face meeting. So it is our plan to visit with this party soon and to attempt to arrange as many other meetings as is possible with other interested churches and Christians.

Goracke Update - March

Dear Family & Friends,

Incredibly, another month in this year is almost gone! But it has certainly been enjoyable to finally see spring arrive… even though in this part of the country most people would never agree that it is really here. We had 3 inches of snow after the first day of Spring officially arrived and it is still possible that our April showers might be snow showers. The temperature continues to get below freezing every night, but the days are warming up fast! On to the news of this past month!

Pictures from Swedru International Bible Institute


This was a recent photographs taken by the staff, the student body and the secretary. We tried to be traditional this time around so we put on a traditional clothes on. Post it on your website.

Goracke Update

Dear Brethren,

With new news coming in by email this past weekend, I received word that a couple more supporters are coming on board with us. Our monthly commitment is now at 77% if all stay aboard. This of course, includes approximately $11,000 of extra one-time funds that we are rolling over towards our 1st year monthly needs. You know what that means for our 2nd year needs.

February 2008 Goracke Newsletter

Dear Family & Friends,

February newsletter from Athens

Greetings in the Lord this Wednesday morning,

Attached please find our February Newsletter from us to you. We pray it finds you very well in the Lord this day.

Luv Ya
Ron Kretz



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