Wednesday Morning Report from Athens


Greetings in the Lord,

I know I haven’t been very prompt in getting my Wednesday morning reports to you this year.  Sorry about that.  No excuses.  Know that in spite of where life has been taking us, we constantly keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.

I always think that things might slow down this last term just after graduation and just before summer break.  And then I’m always surprised.  What a great week this has been.

Arthur Puente Report on Training in Central and South America

Arthur reports on his recent travels to many of the Branch Schools in Central and South America.


Read the attached PDF for the full report.

May Newsletter from Athens


Greetings in the Lord dearest friends and loved ones,


Attached please find our May newsletter.  Sorry for it being kind of a long one.  Lots of news to report. We pray it finds you very well this late spring day.


With all our love

In HIS Mighty Name

Ron and Diana


Translation Center Progress Report


MAY 2009 . . . . Sunset International Translation Center

Can you believe that summer is almost here and this school year is almost over? Sunset International Bible Institute's Graduation ceremonies will be May 23rd. Some of our Branch Schools have already had their celebrations and others are coming up in June. 



January Newsletter from Athens

Dear loved ones, 

Monthly Newsletter from Athens

Greetings in the Lord dear brothers and sisters, Attached please find our November/December Newsletter from Athens. We pray it finds you very well in the Lord. With so very much Thanksgiving In HIS Mighty Name Ron and Diana Athens

THE GAME of the 21st Century

The picture is worth a THOUSAND WORDS!


Texas Longhorns.... 33


Morning Has Broken

Yesterday was a hard day for me. It was also a very convicting day...a day when I took the time to look at my own life and evaluate myself as a sister, a wife, a mother, and grandmother. I looked at myself and saw so many areas where I could be better. My examination began when I attended the funeral for a woman I have grown to love and appreciate over the past 15 years during our time at Sunset. The "Morris Mob" came to Sunset when it was still Sunset School of Preaching in 1993.

Wednesday Morning Report

Greetings in the Lord dear loved ones,

Knowing the SHEPHERD

Knowing the SHEPHERD



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