Team Lima, November/December 2008

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Lima Report July and August 2008

In Acts 16 the lives of the Philippian jailor and his family were drastically changed in a moment. A powerful earthquake destroys both his house and his livelihood. In desperation he draws his sword to end his life. Waking up to find everything you thought was secure and permanent lying in ruins at your feet is something that the people in Chincha understand. On the 15th of August 2007 a mighty earthquake destroyed the homes and claimed the lives of the peruvian people in the towns of Chincha, Ica, and Pisco.

Lima Report April 2008

Since I wrote to you concerning the harvest of the grape crop in February, the Lord has has blessed us with a great harvest of souls. As you read last month 7 people were baptized from the Comas church family. This month the harvest continues with 6 more baptisms in the family in Chincha.

Victor is teaching the truth in Chincha and the people are being set free from the chains of superstition, false visions, dreams, and many other religious traditions. One of the men baptized above was involved in witch-craft. He came to Victor tormented by guilt and sick with worry.


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