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Atlantis Bulletin 1-7-12

Bulletin Article by Raymond Leonard

Atlantis Bulletin 17-6-12

Attached is a bulletin article by Raymond A. Leonard.

Atlantis Bulletin 24-6-12

Bulletin article by Raymond A. Leonard

The Atlantis Bulletin 10-6-12

Bulletin article by Raymond A. Leonard

June Updates

Jerry & Ann Hogg 462 Amanda Circle * Knoxville, TN 37922 Phone: 865-777-1768 * Cell: 865-809-4603 Email: June 7, 2012 Dear Ones: At this time, we are still in the States, but plan to return to Africa by the end of June. We are working with our travel agent to finalize the date of June 26th. Unfortunately, this being the high season for travel, the cost for our tickets is much higher. I have tried to get that lowered, but there is only one slightly lower-cost date, 26th of June, and I cannot get 75D seating at that time. My agent said that’s the only date with a reduced price. We have sufficient funds and have paid for the tickets, but need to replace it.

The Atlantis Proclaimer 3-6-12

Bulletin Article by Raymond A. Leonard

The Atlantis Proclaimer 27-5-12

Bulletin article by Raymond A. Leonard

Atlantis Bulletin 20-5-12

Bulletin article from Raymond Leonard

The African Report

HERE AND NOW It seems only yesterday that the November through January issue of The African Report was mailed, and now it is time once again to write all our supporters, past and present. We left the States on February 27th, with plans to stay until October in South Africa this year. Sad to say, that was not to be! Sometimes, there are things that come up one doesn’t know about in advance. If known, we certainly would have made different plans. I’ll explain later. AT HOME IN AFRICA Just as we were getting settled in our home-away-from-home in the upstairs flat at SABC, work was being completed on the old house on campus, the one under the chestnut tree, for our use. I had decided I just couldn’t climb those stairs any more, and since Ann had developed a pinched nerve in her back that affected her hip, knee and right foot and made her limp along, she didn’t object.

Atlantis Bulletin 13-5-12

Raymond A. Leonard's Bulletin article from "Atlantis Bulletin"



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