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Atlantis Proclaimer 19-8-12

Bulletin article by Raymond A Leonard

Atlantis Bulletin 12-8-12

Bulletin article by Raymond A. Leonard

Atlantis Bulletin 5-8-12

Bulletin article by Raymond Leonard

May-Jun 2012 African Newsletter

The African Report Newsletter: Jerry V. Hogg, 462 Amanda Circle, Knoxville, TN 37922 Email: May-Jun 2012 Sponsored by: Sunset Church of Christ, Sunset International Bible Institute, 3723 34th Street, Lubbock, TX 79410 CATCHING UP! Time has a way of passing us by, if we don’t grab hold of opportunities and do things in a timely fashion. With all that occurred in the States with Joey’s surgeries and traveling to raise funds every weekend, reports got lost in the shuffle trying to take care of everything. Consequently, it was somewhat surprising to see that our newsletters had been overlooked since we came out to South Africa in February. Now, we must play catch-up. As I have written a monthly letter telling folks about Joey and his tumors, I honestly thought the newsletters were done, also. They weren’t. Monthly letters are sent to regular supporters, and to anyone who gives funds during that period of time, whereas newsletters are sent to everybody on our mailing list, over 1300 to folks from about every state in the Union and emailed to many in the States as well as in South Africa.

Atlantis Bulletin 29-7-12

Bulletin article by Raymond A. Leonard

Cape Town Newsletter

Newsletter from Raymond and Sally Leonard in Cape Town, South Africa.

Atlantis Bulletin 29-7-12

Bulletin article by Raymond A. Leonard

Jun 2012 Monthly Ltr

Jerry & Ann Hogg P. O. Box 11165 * Rynfield 1514 Benoni, Republic of South Africa email: * Cell: 011-791-9735 June 30, 2012 Dear Brethren: Again, we hear South Africa calling! After having gone thru 2 surgeries to partially remove 2 cysts and implant drainage tubes in our grandson Joey's mouth, and with me travelling every weekend raising funds, we were more than ready to board that plane in Knoxville and head to Wash. DC for our connecting flight back home to SA again. This time, we hope to stay until the middle of October with no interruptions. Al & Donna Horne were the first familiar faces we saw as we came through Customs on Wednesday night, the 27th of June. Actually, they were there to meet and pick up a young couple that their supporting church (Memorial) is also sponsoring, heading for Blantyre, Malawi to work in an orphanage. Theo Rappard, one of SABC's teachers, had driven our van out to collect us and all our luggage this time. The trip seems to get longer each time, but we all fared pretty well, and got some sleep.

Atlantis Bulletin 22-7-12

Bulletin article by Raymond A. Leonard

The Atlantis Proclaimer 8-7-12

Bulletin article by Raymond A. Leonard



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