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Most of you who have an email account and have much experience with the internet know there are a lot of scams out there to steal your money and your identity. We have just received word that there is one of which we here are taking notice.


Bridging the Nations May 2008 - Zane and Tae Perkins

Two week ago we had 5 families present before the congregation their commitment to raise their children up in the ways of the Lord. All 5 families have babies from 10 months to 3 weeks of age. It was exciting to see the commitment of these young parents. Also one of the fathers, Samuel Espinoza, was baptized this Sunday, because he could not promise to bring his son up in the Lord without getting his spiritual life right first. It was a great day a new birth and 5 parent’s commitment to follow the command in Deut. 6:4-9.

Homecoming 2008 Remembered

Homecoming 2008Homecoming 2008 was truly wonderful. It was great to see Alumni from the past 40 years coming and sharing. There were stories of friends that hadn't seen each other in decades reuniting and encouraging each other. Many were renewed to keep standing strong and to Live the Legacy that has been left to us by the school's founder, our beloved Cline Paden.

(Images from Homecoming 2008. If you attended homecoming and have pictures, please share them with us so we can be encouraged, as well as those who were not able to come. See the Image Gallery block on the left of the screen.)

We were encouraged by all those that came and Preached the WORD. Those sermons are available for download and through the podcast. If you are an alumnus of SIBI/SSOP/WFR or just need some good encouragement from preaching, I highly recommend all 7 lessons: The Heart of the Gray Eagle (Truman Scott), A Heart for the Word of God (Dayton Keesee), A Heart for the Lord's Church (Royce Sartain), A Heart for Local Evangelism (Ted Kell), A Heart for World Missions (Tex Williams), A Heart for the Future of Sunset (Truitt Adair), and our Victory Celebration speaker Dr. Lynn McMillon from the Christian Chronicle.

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Thanksgiving from Chile

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  1. Roger and Keith, two of the ministers were just here from California. They were an encouragement to us and the work here. It was great to have people who are interested in the work come and experience it 1st hand.



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