Brazil Mission Report November 2009 The White Family


We pray that the Lord bless your week.  We are happy to send you our report to let you know what is going here in the Southern part of Brazil.  It has been extremely hot lately, with lows at night still in the upper 80's, but at leas yesterday and today have been a little better. Here is our report and be praying for us as we prepare for our furlough.

God bless and keep fired up,

Mark and Ju White and the girls

Brazil Mission Report October 2009 The White Family

We thank you for your prayers and just want to let you know again they we are doing ok after the break in.  Thanks for your prayers.  Here is our report for the month of October..

God bless,
The White Family

Report from Mark White

Attached is the newsletter from Mark and Juaneylla White.

Brazil Mission Report July 2009 The White Family

Attached is our newsletter for July.

Courtesy Update

After visiting with my in-laws a couple of weeks ago, my wife suggested that it would really be a nice thing if we updated the people that supported us through school with what we are doing.  What a great idea.  I have been out of school for 10 years and have been working at various jobs involved in various ministries.  So what are those that supported me through one of the most important times in my left?  We have come in contact with many, since most were from our home congregation, but there are some that aren't.


Brazil Mission Report/White Family June 2009


Hope everyone is doing well as the summer begins up there, we are gearing up for winter here. Have a great week and God bless!  Our newsletter is attached.

Keep fired up,

Mark and Juaneylla White

Brazilian Mission Report from the White Family - May 2009

Hello everybody,

    Here is the report that you can post at the alumni website/blog at Sunset.  We pray that all of you are doing well and that God bless you where you are as you continue looking to Him and His Word.  We also celebrated our 10 year anniversary, Praise God!

Keep fired up

Mark, Juaneylla, Deborah and Barbara White

Bridging the Nations, May Newsletter

See attached PDF from the Perkins in Santiago, Chile.


Brazil Mission Report - The White Family - 4-18-09



      Pray the Lord bless you and your weekend.  Here is our monthly report. God bless.

Keep fired up,

Mark, Ju, and the girls


Newsletter March 2009

Hey Everyone,

      Just wanted to drop our monthly report for you all.  Have a great week and God bless.

Keep fired up,

Mark and Juaneylla



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