A Change of Seasons: What's Behind and Ahead?

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Coming Along-Side: Serving Together for the Sake of the Kingdom

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Merry Christmas from Brandi & Penny

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The Kendalls ... "Summer" In Southeast Asia

Kendall's newsletter from Singapore


SIBI~Singapore has its first graduating class.

Kendall Family- Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from THE KENDALLS Dear Ones: As we contemplate our boundless blessings this special day, God has brought you to our minds. We just wanted to take this moment to say "Thank You" for your support, your encouragement, and your partnership with us as we strive to do the Lord's work in Singapore. We pray that your day is full of precious memories with those you love and that your blessings overflow as you serve Him wherever you are. Have a Blessed Day! In His Service, Brandi & Penny Kendall

Recovering Legalists

I've heard the phrase a few times here lately about being a recovering legalist. I have to smile a bit when I hear this because I know that is what I am. Can you imagine in the same way that AA and other types of recovery meetings take place that one would be held for recovering legalists.


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