Look What God is Doing.

Look What God is Doing. Please read the attached mission update. Tim Brumfield Sunset International Bible Institute (www.sibi.cc) International Department Email: tbrumfield.sibi@gmail.com Cell: 806-787-6351 SIBI: 806-792-5191

Mission Indonesia Newsletter

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, At this time I am preparing to make my annual fund raising journey to the States. I will arrive on June 12th and start contacting all the churches involved with the work of Mission Indonesia. If you know of any congregation that might be interested in becoming part of this work please send me an email at wlbolt@gmail.com My cell phone in the USA is 304 288 2221 on June 13th.

Reaching Muslim Refugees

Wissam with Dino Roussos in AthensSince 2014, there has been much in the world media concerning the refugee crisis in Europe and the Middle East. Immigration is a politically and emotionally charged subject with very passionate voices speaking on all sides of the issue. The American media has been filled with images of demonstrations and protestors. The numbers are staggering.

Look What God is Doing!

I'm so excited to show what God is doing in Mozambique and South Sudan. Please read the attached update. Tim Brumfield tjbrumfield@gmail.com 806-787-6351

Hello from Thailand


Mission Indonesia March Newsletter 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, We are deeply thankful for your faithful support of Batam Bible College and Mission Indonesia our church planting and development program. The attached report is about the school. Next month I will send a report concerning the discipleship work that we are doing among the women of the church in Sumatra and Java. We pray that this effort to proclaim the gospel to all of Indonesia is a blessing to you. God bless. Your servant in Christ, Dr. Winston Bolt

Mission News from Tim Brumfield

The attached newsletter is about what God is doing in South Sudan and Mozambique. I hope it is as thrilling to you as it is to me. May God bless you with His favorite blessings, Tim Brumfield 806-787-6351

Report of Mission Indonesia January 2017

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, The attachment is an update on Lusi and the work of Mission Indonesia. I pray that this will be an encouragement and blessing to you. Your servant in Christ, Dr. Winston Bolt

A Change of Seasons: What's Behind and Ahead?

Please read the attached letter concerning what is happening in Singapore.

Mission Indonesia Dec 2016 newsletter

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I pray that all is well and that you are being blessed by our Lord. The attachment is a year end newsletter. We are looking forward to a new class coming in late January. Lusi and I are well as is the church in Batam. I thank you all for your prayers for Lusi and your support of this work, as without you we could not do what we do. Thank you and God bless you all. Your servant in Christ, Dr. Winston Bolt



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