News from Craig and Tomya Peters - mid April

Dear friends

The day is coming quickly … June 2nd …. The Peters family takes off for Australia. The attached Newsletter has some exciting details and some important instruction for how you can help make sure this is a long term work. We are so thankful for what so many have done for us and the work. We are also so looking forward to being reunited with our Church family in Australia. This whole experience has been humbling … and empowering … when we see our God work!

Prayer Request for Billy Moore

Hello everyone. Prayer is what keeps us going on the road to victory. Please share with me my prayer requests in your peticiones to God. Billy

• I have begun attending an AA group here in Playa Azul three times a week. I still go to my group in Lazaro two days a week as well. There are only two of us in the group here in Playa Azul. We are thinking about having an event of public information here in Playa to help us recruit new members. Please pray for this.
• Pray for my continued recovery and strength in the Lord.
• We are going to have our first leadership retreat here at our home in Playa Azul. The dates are May 1-3. The church leaders from our work in Mexico City are coming for a weekend retreat and seminar. We pray this will be the first of many.
• Pray for the new church in Lazaro Cardenas. We are growing in number and spiritual growth. Malcolm shared our vision for the coast of México and the church received it with great enthusiasm.

Prayer Request for Miss Terri

Terri Fanning will be having an angiogram today. She has been having some pain and weakness and feeling very tired. She had a stress test which indicated some blockage. The cardiologist indicated it could be a false positive but because of her other symptoms they need to check it out. Mr. Terry requested that we not call or visit her at this time, since she is so tired, but if you would like to send her an email that would be an encouragement.

Let’s lift her up in prayer!


Relocation for Brian & Melissa King

Melissa called last night to say they arrived safely in Fredericksburg, Virginia. They got there around 3 in the afternoon. They filled out the paperwork at their first choice of apartments and received a phone call about an hour later to say they were approved! The pod is supposed to arrive by the end of this week so they hope to move in on Monday.


January-April 2008 Missionary Report from Albany, Western Australia

Loving greetings to all who receive this report from Moya & myself. It is hard to believe that we have been back home in Australia for almost 2-months since our visit to the United States. However, our memories are still very fresh of the special times we shared visiting with the Southwest Church of Christ in Amarillo, Texas during the months of January and February. The Southwest Church has loyally supported me in ministry for 30 of my 40 years of preaching.

Ministry Training - Asia from George Carman

Hilda and I joined 451 people for a victory dinner in Lubbock, TX on April 19, 2008. The dinner marked the end of a 3 year capital campaign to raise $12 million dollars.

This was the largest fund raiser in the history of Sunset and was a daunting task. Shortly after we gathered, Truitt Adair, the Executive Director for SIBI announced the results of the campaign. Our brotherhood donated a whopping $13,070,894.00! That’s right, we exceeded our goal by over 1 million dollars! To God be the glory!

El Salvador Report from Alexander & Silvia Castellanos

Monday, April 21, 2008

Dear brethren:

Homecoming 2008 Remembered

Homecoming 2008Homecoming 2008 was truly wonderful. It was great to see Alumni from the past 40 years coming and sharing. There were stories of friends that hadn't seen each other in decades reuniting and encouraging each other. Many were renewed to keep standing strong and to Live the Legacy that has been left to us by the school's founder, our beloved Cline Paden.

(Images from Homecoming 2008. If you attended homecoming and have pictures, please share them with us so we can be encouraged, as well as those who were not able to come. See the Image Gallery block on the left of the screen.)

We were encouraged by all those that came and Preached the WORD. Those sermons are available for download and through the podcast. If you are an alumnus of SIBI/SSOP/WFR or just need some good encouragement from preaching, I highly recommend all 7 lessons: The Heart of the Gray Eagle (Truman Scott), A Heart for the Word of God (Dayton Keesee), A Heart for the Lord's Church (Royce Sartain), A Heart for Local Evangelism (Ted Kell), A Heart for World Missions (Tex Williams), A Heart for the Future of Sunset (Truitt Adair), and our Victory Celebration speaker Dr. Lynn McMillon from the Christian Chronicle.

Recovering Legalists

I've heard the phrase a few times here lately about being a recovering legalist. I have to smile a bit when I hear this because I know that is what I am. Can you imagine in the same way that AA and other types of recovery meetings take place that one would be held for recovering legalists.

Aiming for Sydney - Jeremy and Oxana Desjarlais - March Newsletter

Latest News…

Sorry this is coming to you so late. Things are on the move. Over the past month I was blessed to be able to make more contacts and get more packets out than in previous months. This has helped us a lot as we have at least two and possibly three appointments to meet with different congregations in the month of April. As of the late date of this newsletter I have already had the opportunity to travel to Belle, MO, where one of my spiritual influences labors for the kingdom.



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