Australian Video Report - Craig and Tomya Peters

Dear Partners and Family           

Recife, Brazil

It has been great to be here in Brazil for the last few days. I can certainly see why so many people enjoy vacationing here, living here and serving the Kingdom here. I have enjoyed the scenery, the food, and especially the people.  We had an encouraging worship service on Sunday as we gathered with Christians and Missionaries from all over Recife. On Monday, we were encouraged by several speakers in the lectureship and were able to see even more of the city. The Pan-Am lectures are being held in a hotel that overlooks the beach.  The beach stretches out for miles from my 10th floor window.  You can see in the picture the line of hotels along the beach and the reefs that give Recife its name. It can certainly be challenging to travel the world and do mission work!

On The Road Again!

Once again, God is allowing me to travel the globe. I am sitting at the DFW airport about to head to a flight to Miami and from there to Brazil.  This will be my second time attending the Pan-Am lectures and my first trip to Brazil, so I am understandably excited.  Last year, it was held in Quito, Ecuador where SIBI sent a mission team, and this year it is in Recife, Brazil where SIBI sent a mission team.  I am prepared to be amazed at what God is doing through the school, it's graduates and these mission families.  I feel blessed to be able to witness first hand what God has done.  I look forward not only to attending the lectures and talking about what Sunset is doing around the globe, but teaching a couple of days in the school in Recife.  Truitt will be joining me later and we will both be blessed to teach.

Mission Indonesia Report - Sept.-Oct. 09

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I have attached the Mission Indonesia report for September and October for your viewing. It is in a pdf file. If you can not access it please email me and I will send you the original. I pray that it is a blessing to you and I thank you for your faithful support of our work in Indonesia.

Your servant in Christ
Dr. Winston Bolt

Alumni Update from Michale Peitzmeier, '85

Tent-making for support while we work with local congregation of 10 members.  Very few congregations in this area.  Most are surviving and dwindling in numbers.  Thank you for your continuous prayers in chapel for all who labor in the fields of evangelism.  To the work with the Christ and His Kingdom!

Where Were You?

My thoughts immediately go back to our apartment in Donetsk, Ukraine when I see images or hear a song or story about that ominous Sept. 11th when the USA was attacked by terrorists.  On this anniversary, here are a few of my memories:

1. Wondering if it was some sort of horrible reality show idea, or something actually occurring as we watched it unfold on BBC.

2. Feeling more than 6,000 miles away as we thought of our family and friends struggling with this back in the USA.

3. Being awestruck with the expressions of sorrow and the prayers of the Ukrainian Christians who suffered so for us and for our country on that day and the days that followed.

Brumfield's News 9-2009

Read our news

Attached are 3 reports of our work and the work in Brazil

Yet Another Ministry Training School!

It is amazing to see what God is doing in our Sunset International Schools! There is no way that we could have dreamed or imagined how many nations and peoples of the world we would affect or how many lives would be affected by the gospel of Christ through these schools.  The school in Thailand (pictured here) is a school that we value highly.  They are making a great difference for Christ in Thailand, Laos and other surrounding countries.  What a blessing to see this work continue to grow and develop under God's mighty hand!  I hope that you will spread the word.  I would be excited to come and talk about the growth of the kingdom through schools like these in your congregation.  Just set up an appointment and I will come and present the good news we have to share today!  Aren't we all ready for some good news?

Mission Indonesia Report - July-August 09

Dear Brethren,
The attachment is our latest report on the work of Batam Bible College and Mission Indonesia. For those who would wish to help with the Batam Bible College Library please send your check to the sponsor of Batam Bible College. Please designate that it is for the library. Thank you.

Golf Course Road Church of Christ 3500 W. Golf Course Road Midland, TX 79703

Update from Craig and Tomya Peters in Australia

Dear Church Family

The attached PDF is our May News Report. We hope to publish this at least every other Month. We would like to keep you posted on the progress of the school and our students … even our graduates. This is my first attempt at this so I hope it is encouraging.

Thank you so much for all of your support over the years. Your Partnership has helped produce 53 graduates in 39 years!

You are welcome to forward this to others and please post at your congregation.

Thank you for your Partnership!

Your fellow servant …. Craig



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