Mission Indonesia June 2010 report

Dear Brethren,

The attachment is the June report for Batam Bible College and Mission Indonesia. With the training of competent men to preach and proclaim the gospel of Christ the Lord opens the doors to do just that.

I will be returning to the States in August to raise funds for the school and my own salary. I was informed in April that there were insufficient funds for the school. This resulted in deferring my salary to make sure that there were sufficient funds to cover the operation of the school.

Mission Indonesia May 2010 report

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The attached report is a report of the blessings of the Lord and I pray that it is a blessing to you also.

I want to thank you for your contributions for the school.  We still have two months to complete and July is our most expensive month as we pay for the travel expenses of the students to return to their homes.  If anyone can help in anyway please send your check to:

Golf Course Road Church of Christ
3500 W. Golf Course Road
Midland, TX 79703

Thank you and God bless you all.

Batam Bible College report April 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

The attached PDF file is a report on Batam Bible College and a report on church planting. The success of the college continues to grow as well as the church planting program that it inspires.  I pray that the report will be a blessing to you and that it may inspire you to reach out to others and ask them to participate with us in teaching and preaching the word of God to all of Indonesia.

Contributions may be sent to:

Golf Course Road Church of Christ
3500 W. Golf Course Road
Midland, TX 79703

Brumfield News 2010

Our newsletter is attached.

Thank you very much for your prayers and support.

God bless you,

Tim Brumfield


Australian Missions Report

Dear Partners
This newsletter is a little shorter than usual and a bit later than desirable. My laptop of nearly three years has been disabled and in the shop. Praise God for warrantees! I have been blessed with a Desktop Computer, but was unable to duplicate my newsletter Mailing lists. I will work toward a solution that results in a backup of my email address and contact lists. If you are aware of such a utility please let me know.

Batam Bible College report, Feb. 2010

Dear Brethren,

The attached PDF file is a short report on a very significant event at Batam Bible College. As we continue to train men and send them out, they in turn call others to Christ, plant churches and send others back to Batam Bible College for the cycle to continue. I pray what you see from this report will be a blessing to all who support the school and church planting through out all of Indonesia.

Your servant in Christ
Dr. Winston Bolt

Mission Indonesia Report - Jan. 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The attached PDF file is a report on the beginning of the new school term at Batam Bible College. We thankyou for your support, faith, and love for taking the gospel of Christ to the lost of Indonesia. God Bless you all.

Your servant in Christ,
Dr. Winston Bolt

Report Mission Indonesia 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I pray that the Lord continues to bless and protect you all. All in Batam Indonesia send you greetings for a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year.  The PDF file that is attached is a short report on the year 2009.  I want to thank all who gave so sacrificially this year to help Batam Bible College overcome a short fall of funds and for the wonderful hospitality that was shown to me as I traveled around the country.  God Bless You All.

Your servant in Christ

Dr. Winston Bolt

Nicaragua 09

Greetings.  Grace and peace in Christ Jesus. 

What an awesome experience to be here in Nicaragua.  I have been trying to upload pictures to the blog, but have been unsuccessful so far.  I have a new camera and apparently my pictures are now to large to load.  Bummer.  I'm sure that there will be some way to fix the problem later.

December Australian Mission Report

Dear Partner
Just finished a crazy/busy end of school. Sorry for not getting a newsletter out sooner. We are so very thankful for our continued partnership. We hope and pray that this holiday season is a real blessing.

Micah is taking her ACT today and we are going to a Baptism of a Chinese girl we have worked a lot with. School is out for the Summer. I am making plans to take our school on the road. Two different congregations have asked for an in house course. One in Sydney … and the other in Melbourne. Keep that project in your prayers as we work out details.



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