Thitathan Newsletter

Dear Ones, You may have been following the news concerning flooding in Thailand. More than 300 people died in the flood. 28 provinces are under the water. The pictures of people swimming to get food, water and help are common in the country. All the hospitals in the afflicted areas had to move all the patients to hospitals in other provinces. Many Industrial Parks are flooded. The estimation for the lost is well over 100,000,000,000 Baht. At this point, the water from the North is reaching Bangkok. Also, it rains is coming down very hard at my house. The sea level will reach the highest point in two days. The water right in front of my house is now more than three feet deep. They expected the water level here will reach six feet. It means that the water on the first floor of my house could be four feet deep. Today, young people from BSLI and RCC came to help me move the furniture from the first floor up to the second floor. The dining table and kitchen items are too heavy to move.

Brumfield Family- Sept. Newsletter

Here is a newsletter from the Brumfields for September.

Winston Bolt- June/July Newsletter

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Please open the attachment to see our report for June and July. I was unable to send a report out in June due to a viral infection that attacked my right hand and arm. The infection caused my hand to blister from the palm to my finger tips. My hand first blistered even under my fingernails and then scabbed over which left my right hand totally non-functional and very painful. Thankfully I was able to peal the scabs off by the middle of July. However, the pain from the damage it did to the nerves in my hand continues. I am praying that the pain dissipates before I have to start traveling, as right now it is still very painful to even shake hands. I found a supplement today that is supposed to heal damaged nerves. Hopefully it will work and I will be back to my old self. I think that I got the virus while baptizing seventeen people in a water tank that was next to a toilet and exposed to a chicken coop where the chickens had access to the room in late May.

Thitathan Family- Newsletter

Dear Truitt, I attached the second quarter work report for you to read. This quarter was a great time for the work. My family grew closer together because Penjai started to be able to help me prepare for the trips more. I am not talking about preparing my suit case, but trip planning and the lessons. Yes, I admitted that she help me with the lessons I taught. The idea from the wife is great. Prae start to come to our BSLI full time. She graduated from Bangkok University three years ago. She worked with two different companies.

Mission Indonesia August-September 2010 report

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The PDF attachment is the Mission Indonesia report for August and September. I pray that you have been blessed by the work of our Lord in Indonesia. He has blessed us in many ways but especially in the growth and development of our efforts to plant and develop the church of Christ across the entire country of Indonesia. Please pray that the body of Christ will furnish the funds to continue what we have started and to continue to develop and expand on it. Thank you for your continued support and prayers. God Bless.

Haynes Newsletter

Dear Ones,

Attached is our latest newsletter in both Word and PDF format. We hope this finds you well and blessed by the Lord. Your partnership with us in the Lord's work here at SIBI is gratefully acknowledged and appreciated.

Kevin & Dani


Introduction to Batam Bible College and Church Planting

I recently stopped by Sunset to record a brief introduction to Batam Bible College and the work of church planting that we are doing on the islands of Indonesia.  Please share this with others who might be interested in working with us in our efforts in Indonesia.

Download the full video below. If you don't see the video, click the title to view the whole article

September Newsletter from Reeves

Dear Friends,

We hope you enjoy our latest newsletter.  September has been a wonderful month and we just want to share some pictures from Donetsk, Ukraine.  It has been over two years since our last visit and so much has changed.   One thing has not changed, the students remain just as eager to learn.

May our Lord richly bless you and keep you.

Seeking to serve Him,


Mission Indonesia July 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The attachment is a report for the month of July.

News from the Brumfields 7-2010

Please read our newsletter attached.
God bless us all,

Tim Brumfield




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