Mission Indonesia Report Nov 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, The attached report represents the work we are doing across all of Indonesia. There have been discipleship groups set up and leadership training done in not only Java but also West Kalimatan, Sumatra, and Papua. We thank you for your support of this work and want to encourage you to help us even more and this form of training takes time and follow up. We could easily use and additional $25,000 per year for church development. Please pray about this. Thank you and God bless. Your servant in Christ, Dr. Winston Bolt

Mission Report on Sumatra Churches

Dear Brother and Sisters in Christ, The attached report is from Herbin Simanjuntak who is the assistant director of Batam Bible College and also a missionary when the school is not in session, as are all our instructors. Herbin just graduated with a Masters Degree last month with a 3.8 grade with the highest grade being 4 and will be entering a PhD program later this year. He also preaches and is one of the leaders in the Batam church of Christ.

Mission Indonesia Report July 2014

Dear Brethren, The attachment is showing the development of Batam College as a Biblical Institute of higher learning in Indonesia. When I attended the national meeting of the church leaders in December of 2013 I was blessed to see that over half of the leaders were graduates of Batam Bible College. We are having an impact among the churches of Christ in Indonesia and in the quality of teaching and church planting across the entire country. We thank all of you for your faith support which has made this possible.

Exciting News

God is blessing the growth of Bible training in Mozambique. Please read the exciting news attached. Tim Brumfield Sunset International Bible Institute (www.sibi.cc) Portuguese Speaking World Email: tbrumfield.sibi@gmail.com Cell: 806-787-6351 SIBI: 806-792-5191 Skype: timbrumfield

Mission Indonesia report Feb 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Hopefully I have found the way to send my newsletter without listing every recipient on it. I appreciate your patience until I can figure out how to use Google email once again. Lusi and I are fine and going about our lives as usual. I am in the process of renewing my five visa and work permit and should be going to Jakarta fairly soon to sign my name and get fingerprinted once again. The weather in Batam is fairly dry and clear. We have not been bothered by any floods or volcanoes that have created havoc in other parts of the country.

Mission Indonesia Report Jan 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I pray that the Lord has blessed you all and kept you safe from the snow and cold. Google has changed copying my contacts so I am sorry if all my contacts appear. I have tried to Bcc them but without success. I have attached a two page report. Thank you for your participation in this work and I pray that the Lord continues to bless you through it. Your servant in Christ, Winston Bolt

News from Tim Brumfield and Family

Hope you had a great a great Thanksgiving and are looking forward to a merry Christmas season. God is sooooo good. He let's us help! Please read our latest news attached. Have a very happy day, Tim PS: Notice my new email address.

The Kendalls ... "Summer" In Southeast Asia

Kendall's newsletter from Singapore

News From the Brumfields

Greetings from Belem, Brazil. Please read our latest newsletter. It is attached in PDF. God bless, SUNSET INTERNATIONAL BIBLE INSTITUTE Tim Brumfield SIBI - Portuguese Speaking World SIBI- (806) 792-5191 Cell- (806) 787-6351 Email Skype- timbrumfield

Prospectus Mission Indonesia

Dear Brothers in Christ, I appreciate all your previous advise and suggestions and hopefully this edition will be closer to what is needed. I would appreciate any and all your advise and suggestions. Thank you. Your servant in Christ, Winston Bolt



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