Stealing the Cross

It is amazing to walk through the Roman Colosseum!  The historical significance is staggering and the spiritual implications are overwhelming. The Colosseum looms over Rome and is so huge and powerful in appearance, but this is nothing compared to the significance it has in history. Here great battles were recreated for massive audiences, gladiators fought to the death, wild animals battled, and Christians were fed to the lions.  Different Caesar's reigned over the festivities and people all over the world at that time marveled at the thought of seeing the incredible shows and barbarism.  A focal point in the Colosseum today is a metal cross that stands where Caesar stood and ruled over the festivities.

Fellowship Makes A Difference

I have no problem traveling to various mission points and international schools around the world alone, but it is far better to travel with family members and fellow Christians. In the attached picture, my wife Brenda is by my side and we are pictured with our good friends Mark and Kelle Samsill.  We are floating up a canal in Venice, Italy before I move on to teach a seminar in Athens, Greece.  As you can see, we were enjoying ourselves and celebrating how wonderful it is to share special experiences with those we love in Christ. 

It was a special blessing to have Brenda travel with me on this trip.  She worked hard to save up vacation days and we saved up some funds to take a couple of days in Italy before going on to Greece. 

Rainy in Rome

Greetings.  God has blessed us with safe passage to Rome.  We enjoyed seeing this incredible city and are now looking forward to seeing Venice for a couple of days before heading on to Athens. Our luggage showed up a day late, but we have been reunited and are grateful.  It's been great to have Brenda on the trip with me. It's also a blessing to be traveling with the Samsill's from College Hill. Remember us in prayer and I will be praying for you as you live for God this week.


In Him,


Mission Indonesia Report April '09

I pray that the attached report concerning our efforts here in Indonesia will be a blessing and encouragement to you all.  I will be returning to the States after our school session finishes in August to raise funds for the school, mission teams, and myself.  My biggest problem is that I have spent 21 years in Indonesia preaching the gospel of Christ so I have been unable to make contacts in America.  I really need your help to expand our contacts throughout the brotherhood in this time of struggle.

Mission Indonesia Report Feb 09


Dear Brethren,


At this time all is well in Indonesia and the work of the mission teams and school are going well.  However the funding for the work has been a little slow in coming during January and February.  We thank you for your faithful support of this work and pray that the attached report is an encouragement to you. God Bless,


Your servant in Christ

Winston Bolt

Mission Indonesia - January 2009

See the attached report

Christmas 2008 Newsletter - Australian Missions

Dear Partners

            What a year!!! Thank you all so much for your love and support. I applaud your efforts to get your support in on time each month. That alone has been awesome!


Partnering in Interactive Videoconferencing

It is amazing to see our Executive Director, Truitt Adair (standing), and a classroom of students from the Quito School of Biblical Studies in Quito, Ecuador studying at the feet of Armando Alaniz from the Texas Gulf Coast Bible Institute in Houston, Texas!  Brother Alaniz, who taught at Sunset when I was a student in the late '80's teaches Spanish speaking students in the USA, Central America and South America from the classroom in Houston by interactive videoconferencing.  Armando can see the students and the students can see him and even ask questions in real time.  What an incredible way to spread the good news of the gospel of Jesus around the world!

Holiday Greetings and Job Transition

I want to wish a Happy Holidays to all of you.  For those who speak a different language, I hope that you can find the appropriate message in the picture to the left.  This has been an incredible year, and I thank God for His blessings and divine providence and for blessing me with you.  You are a special gift from God and I am grateful.

Haynes Newsletter - December

Dear friends and family,


Attached is our latest newsletter. I wish you could know how often you are thought of with fondness and prayed for as we try hard to represent you well here at Sunset. May your holidays be truly blessed.






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