Prayer request for friend and his family

On Wedsnesday evening a good friend of mine who is the assoicate minister of the Eureka, CA church suffered a stroke. Please pray for Kerry Glavich and his wife MaryJean and the rest of the family. He is unable to speak but has some use of his right limbs. The obstruction was in the left carodit artery. He is currently in intensive care at St Joseph Hospital in Eureka. The doctors have him in a 48-hour watch to determine how to extend care for him since they do not know the exact time of the stroke or how it progress initally. The do not know what permanent damage has resulted.

Happy Memorial Day

Just want to wish you all a Happy Memorial Day! What a blessing it is to live in a country that allows you to travel back and forth from country to country to spread the good news of the gospel of Christ.  It would be hard to imagine how many Americans have sacrificed time, money and energy to take the gospel to other nations.  I am grateful for every soldier who fought to spread freedom and grateful for every spiritual soldier who worked to spread the cause of Christ.  This picture is a favorite of mine.  Praying soldiers. Let's return the favor and pray for them.


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