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Few weeks from now we will be heading back to the Philippines. About a week after our graduation we will start our journey home. In this journey we will bring all good memories with us: the churches that we’ve visited, our teachers and classmates in Sunset school, the new friends that we’ve made over the past couple of years, the good experience of having the opportunity to live in America, the list goes on and on... At this point in time that I am about to graduate a few weeks from now, I feel the humility and confidence that I have gained while in school.

Jules Jones - Memorium

Jules JonesGreetings Brethren,

Philippines Report - Sunset in the Philippines

I was blessed to be able to travel to and teach in our four schools in the Philippines. Charles Smith, the founder and administrator of the schools, has done a fantastic job of instilling a heart for evangelism and church planting in the minds of our co-workers and students in the Philippines. This spirit was a great blessing and something that every SIBI school should embrace. I am so thankful to those who support our family and ministry training schools like these for allowing us to participate in such efforts.



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