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Volume 2, Issue 2 April ~ June 2012 In This Issue LIVING THE VISION SIBI ~ MOVING FORWARD FOOD FOR THOUGHT KAYLI'S KOMMENTS PARTNERING CONTACT US DEAR ONES: We hope this is finding you all well and abundantly blessed. We are anxious to share with you all the wonderful things that God is doing in our lives and mission but in this day of technology overload, we know that having just another 'newsletter' in your in-box can be ... well ... just another 'newsletter' in your inbox. In an attempt to make our sharing with you more enjoyable and easier to read, we are making some changes in our"Kendalls:On Mission" e-news format. Among those changes is a quarterly publication and a wider reading area. We will continue to tweak it as time goes by so we'd love to know what YOU would like to see in the content of the newsletter. Please feel free to drop us a note with thoughts and suggestions on how we can make it even better. We hope you enjoy this bit of news from our side of the world. Because He said "GO"! Brandi and Penny Kendall For Up-to-the-Minute, Daily Musings, Experiences and Photographs of the

Charlie Sabado- December

Here is a December newsletter from Charlie Sabado in the Philippines.

Sabado Family- Apr-Sept Newsletter

Here is a newsletter from Charlie Sabado in the Philippines.

Newsletter for January





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Newsletter for the month of December

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Charlie Sabado & family


Oct-Nov Newsletter - Charlie Sabado


Project Philippines - September

The container‐van we have been waiting from the United States has finally arrived last August 28. Together with teammate Bobby Maur, I departed for Cebu to arrange the papers for the release of the container‐van from the Philippine customs. Taking the container out of the Philippine customs wasn’t fun. Notwithstanding the financial expenses, it took a lot of prayers and hard work to get the job done. We are so blessed to have Bobby Maur in our team; he did much effort to do all the paper works that the Philippine customs required us to do.

Project Philippines - August Newsletter

I had the privilege, together with Gift Apolinaria, a student of Leyte Christian College (LCC), to join the two days (Saturday & Sunday) of the six‐day door knocking campaign held in the town of Baybay last July 5‐10. We could not join the whole duration of the campaign because of our Bible class in Tacloban. This big joint door knocking campaign was participated by 30 U.S. brethren (mostly young people) from Sugar Grove Church of Christ in Houston, Texas, 6 Bible College students from Cebu, and two from LCC. This joint Filipino‐American activity has been coordinated by Richard Emperado, a Filipino missionary, for three years now. Door knocking from house to house was done during daytime and an evangelistic seminar was held at night with Ken Wilkey. The doorknocking went very successful as well as the seminar that drew a big crowd on the first night. Baybay, which is a three‐hour drive from Tacloban, is a very promising town in terms of the people’s receptivity to the gospel. Recent church planting and door knocking activities held in this area have resulted in the establishment of a small congregation that meets in a church building of their own.

Sabado Family Newsletter

Our last day in Lubbock, Texas was filled with mixed emotions. There was sadness in our hearts as we prepare to leave for the airport but we were rejoicing with happiness knowing that in a matter of days we will be reunited with our friends and loved ones in the Philippines. We have prepared ourselves to embark on another journey to spread the good news to the lost in our native land. We thank God for giving us courage and strength to make it through the ups and downs of being faithful servants in His kingdom. More in the attached PDF.

Prayers for Sabado's

This is an update on the Charlie Sabado family. After his recent graduation from Sunset they began their long journey back home to the Philippines. For Tina, this was the first time she was able to go back home since they arrived in the U.S. in August of 2005. She was really looking forward to it.

They arrived in Manila on June 3rd and spent some days there seeing to some of the papers for their daughter Marguerite, who was born in Lubbock and is an American citizen, and also getting some much-needed rest. On June 6th, they started come to Tacloban City, and they checked into a hotel and began searching for a house to rent. They were now "home" once again. Tacloban is Tina's home city and birthplace, and her father and mother and sister still live there.



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