Kings September News

Hello again family and friends!

Here is our September newsletter.  Thursday was my 25th birthday, and thank you all who sent me many warm wishes for this one.  It was very encouraging to receive notes of love and encouragement from so many of you. Melissa's 25th birthday is September 25th, Melissa's mother's birthday is September 23rd, my dad's birthday is September 27th, and Josiah turns 2 on October 27th!  So this is birthday season for us!

Thank you again for your prayers to the Father on behalf of us and the people of Belem.
Serving Christ with you,

Reyes Family Newsletter and Prayer Requests


Kings August News

Hello everyone!

We finally were able to find somewhere from which to e-mail out our August newsletter!  Thank you for your many prayers, God is working.

for the Kingdom of King Jesus,

Rocha family newsletter, July 2010

Dear friends and family,
Here is our latest newsletter on what has been happening in our lives in July.
We hope you are all doing well!
Lalo, Jamie, Liam & Jonah Rocha

Prayer Request from Mexico

We have several things we hope you will be praying about. Your prayers are a vital part of God's mission!

Newsletter - Ricard Reyes

Please share this newsletter with anyone who you think would enjoy reading about God's mission to save the lost of Mexico. We are still searching for more financial and spiritual partners so you can help us by forwarding our newsletters to others. We request your prayers as we will be starting language school in two weeks. We will be using this e-mail list to send our prayer request to the saints so my desire is that you will lift those requests to the Lord. Thank you and God bless you!

Rocha family newsletter - June

Attached you will find our latest newsletter.



Rocha family newsletter - May

Dear friends and family,
Here's our latest newsletter, hopefully giving you a little glimpse of what went on in our lives here in Mexico City. We love you all very much and we are thankful for you encouragement and prayers for us.
Lalo, Jamie, Liam and Jonah Rocha

Rocha family newsletter - March-April

Dear friends and family,
Attached you will find our latest newsletter, please let us know what do you think.
Thank you for your love and prayers
Lalo, Jamie, Liam & Jonah Rocha

Jan-Mar Newsletter - Rochas

Please see our attached newsletter.


Lalo Rocha



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