June-Aug 2014 Aracaju Newsletter

Well Folks,

Brazil Mission Report July 26th to Sep. 1st from White Family

God bless each and every one of you brothers and sisters. Continue fired up in the Lord! In times of difficulty, count your blessings. Here is our report for August. Keep fired up, Mark , Juaneylla, Deborah & Barbara White

Brazil Mission Report July 2014 White Family

Keep fired up in the Lord!!!

Brazil Mission Report May 2014 White Family

GOD BLESS, KEEP FIRED UP IN THE LORD, Mark, Juaneylla, Deborah, and Barbara White

Jorge Pineda - January Report

January report on the work in Ecuador.

End of Year report - Jorge Pineda

The Blessings of Peace The Beauty of Hope The Spirit of Love The Comfort of Faith May these be your gifts this holiday Season. In Him, Jorge & Maritza Pineda


Hello brothers and sisters in Christ, God bless each and everyone of you in the Lord. Here is our report of the mission work the Lord has given us an opportunity to be part of in the Southern part of Brazil. Happy Holidays! Keep fired up in the Lord, Mark, Juaneylla, Deborah, and Barbara White

What is going on in Chile...

Here is a report of a few things that have been happening in Chile. Love Chileperks

From Doris In Cambodia

God bless each and everyone.

Monthly reports

Hello everyone here is a report about what took place in September Blessing, Zane, Tae, Naomi, Isaac, Simeon and Enoch



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