Mohsen's Message

Newsletter from Roland and Rose Mohsen. See attached file.

Rose Letter

Hope you all enjoy this am getting sick sore throat runny nose etc must be from all the dust the pipes are causing hugs and thinking and thanking you all Rose

Rose Mohsen - Oct-Dec

Hope you all get this and can read it hugs Rose Hope you all are having a great New Year Rose

Roland's Aug-Sept Report

Attached is the newsletter form Roland and Rose Mohsen in Prais, France.

Mohsen Message - December 2008

News from Strasbourg - Daniel Frerot

It has probably been a while now since have heard from us. I know I have kept up with many of you through individual emails, but for a while I was unable to access our website for reasons I could not understand. Finally the problem was fixed a few days ago thanks to Pamela, and once more I can post our reports on it. I apologize for this time of silence if you haven’t received an email to let you know in the in-between.



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