Mohsen Reports for Jan/ Feb 2017 with pictures

Hope this finds all of you doing well. It is a beautiful Spring day today and the men are working on building. Lots of noise al l day long but will be wonderful to see it done and pretty. Please let me know when you get these and if you liked the photos. Love Rose

Roland and Rose newsletters April May

Please check out the latest newsletters on the Lord's work in Paris.

Roland and Roses February/March reports 2016

Please check out the latest happenings in Paris, France.

Roland and Rose's Jan, Feb, March 2014 newsletters

News from France

Rose and Roland's Reports for June July 2013

At last am sending these reports thanks for your prayers and let me know if you can open them ok. Hope this finds all of you having a nice summer and enjoying God's blessings. Rose

Roland and Roses February and March reports 2013

Hugs and let us hear from you. love Rose

Sept/Oct 2012 reports

Newsletters from Roland and Rose Mohsen

Mohsen's Message

Newsletter from Roland and Rose Mohsen. See attached file.

Rose Letter

Hope you all enjoy this am getting sick sore throat runny nose etc must be from all the dust the pipes are causing hugs and thinking and thanking you all Rose

Rose Mohsen - Oct-Dec

Hope you all get this and can read it hugs Rose Hope you all are having a great New Year Rose



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