Senior AIM March newsletter

Our most recent SeniorAIM newsletter is attached. Thanks, Stuart

Levelland Campaign

Senior AIM participated in the Levelland campaign during the week of October 10, 2010   (10-10-10)
My comments are: 
1.   Six Senior AIMers participated in the door knocking, letter writing, and personal contact:
Rilda Perry, Mary Jenkins, Leta Sarten, Brenda Hall, Cecilia Jones and Stuart Jones
2.   Donna Brooks and Philip Abuzeide from the two year track were involved.
3.   The area of town included in Jay Kelley's plan was the west side or the lower economic area.


Senior Adventures in Ministry News, August 2010

A short tribute to Don & Rilda is attached; also some news of Ellen Kirk & Betty Underwood.  Stuart & Cecilia


Prayer Request - Don Perry

His doctor diagnosed a return of his cancer with markers that have increased suddenly and dramatically.  He now can control his pain level with a new medical regimen.  The goal is to provide some comfort and rest time.

In a few days there will be a scope to determine exactly where the cancer is located.  At that time, they will decide if chemo is an option.   We gathered from their comments that if it is located in the pancreas that neither Don nor Rilda are favorable toward starting chemo treatments.


Senior AIM Update

Please rejoice with us about the enrollment for this term.  We had 22 in class on Thursday.   Age range 60's to 90's.  And there were six men plus myself!!  I am impressed with the students'  eagerness, enthusiasm, and readiness to do the homework (which is not easy).  They will keep me working to ensure we achieve the interpretation God intends.

 SAIM 2009



Senior Adventures in Ministry - Mission News

By Rilda Perry

2007 has been an especially busy year for missions among the SAIM group. Following are some of the trips made this year.



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