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Walking Through the Ruins of Corinth

When walking through Ancient Corinth, you can't help but be drawn to a wall, a stone floor and a piece of stone column looking remarkably like a pulpit or speakers stand. It's the stone pavement where issues were discussed, opinions stated, and judgments handed down.  It is one of the places in the ancient world where we know the Apostle Paul spoke and defended His teaching of Christ.

Walking through the museum, walking up and down the streets of the city, looking at the foundations and walls of the old city makes you realize that the words that we read in Scripture happened in a real world context.  Real stones, real buildings, real people.  We know this, of course, but it becomes so much more real when you stand in places like Corinth.

The Extraordinary and Ordinary Acropolis and the Apostle Paul

I will be writing a blog or two on our ministry training school in Athens, but first I wanted to share an image of the Acropolis which towers above the city of Athens.  While walking around the Acropolis, the Agora (market place), Mar's Hill, ancient Corinth, etc., you get a real feel for what life would have been like during the days of Jesus, Peter and Paul.  It's absolutely amazing.  As you stand at the Acropolis, looking down on other temples, Mar's Hill and the Agora, you can't help but think about how impressive all of this would have been during the time when Paul spoke to the people of Athens about God, Christ and the reality of the resurrection.  What a blessing to have a opportunity to walk in his footsteps! It's extraordinary!

John and Rosemary Perkins

John and Rosemary Perkins, formerly of Fort Worth, have moved to Lubbock and will be working with the SIBI International Division.  John will be serving as the Administrative Consultant to the Dean of International Studies and Vice President for Institute Advancement at Sunset. As Sunset begins offering degrees to the graduates of qualifying international schools, the SIBI administration sought someone with the administrative and organizational skills to assist in developing and implementing a degree plan for international ministry training schools.  Sunset has been given permission by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to offer BBS and MBS degrees in Biblical Studies (for a full explanantion regarding these degrees, please refer to the website). John will assist Sunset in offering these degrees to qualified individuals around the globe.

May Newsletter from Athens


Greetings in the Lord dearest friends and loved ones,


Attached please find our May newsletter.  Sorry for it being kind of a long one.  Lots of news to report. We pray it finds you very well this late spring day.


With all our love

In HIS Mighty Name

Ron and Diana


Stamatis Status, May 17, 2009

Attached is our most recent newsletter

April News from Africa

Dear Folks:

Getting home the 27th was good . I was so tired. During my six weeks away, I visited 5 countries which included Botswana, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It was the right timing and season for good weather on both sides - not too hot, not too cold in either place. Signs of early Fall and cooler temps were starting in the Southern Hemisphere where the days were getting shorter, the sun going down earlier. Our God has made a wonderful planet for His children as our temporary dwelling-place! 

Australian Missions Report (May) (Report Card 2009)

Dear Partners

            Has it been a year already?  Nearly. But thought I’d catch you up on a few things. I think back on how hard it was to get here … and how long it took … and marvel ever day I wake up over here. Thank you!!  Please continue to keep this work in your prayers. 

            If you have any questions or would like to participate in the Scholarship Fund or the Classroom Renovation projects, please contact me. I will post these needs again and will update the progress. 

Stealing the Cross

It is amazing to walk through the Roman Colosseum!  The historical significance is staggering and the spiritual implications are overwhelming. The Colosseum looms over Rome and is so huge and powerful in appearance, but this is nothing compared to the significance it has in history. Here great battles were recreated for massive audiences, gladiators fought to the death, wild animals battled, and Christians were fed to the lions.  Different Caesar's reigned over the festivities and people all over the world at that time marveled at the thought of seeing the incredible shows and barbarism.  A focal point in the Colosseum today is a metal cross that stands where Caesar stood and ruled over the festivities.

Fellowship Makes A Difference

I have no problem traveling to various mission points and international schools around the world alone, but it is far better to travel with family members and fellow Christians. In the attached picture, my wife Brenda is by my side and we are pictured with our good friends Mark and Kelle Samsill.  We are floating up a canal in Venice, Italy before I move on to teach a seminar in Athens, Greece.  As you can see, we were enjoying ourselves and celebrating how wonderful it is to share special experiences with those we love in Christ. 

It was a special blessing to have Brenda travel with me on this trip.  She worked hard to save up vacation days and we saved up some funds to take a couple of days in Italy before going on to Greece. 

Mission Indonesia Report April '09

I pray that the attached report concerning our efforts here in Indonesia will be a blessing and encouragement to you all.  I will be returning to the States after our school session finishes in August to raise funds for the school, mission teams, and myself.  My biggest problem is that I have spent 21 years in Indonesia preaching the gospel of Christ so I have been unable to make contacts in America.  I really need your help to expand our contacts throughout the brotherhood in this time of struggle.



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