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Wednesday Morning Report from Athens


Greetings in the Lord,

I know I haven’t been very prompt in getting my Wednesday morning reports to you this year.  Sorry about that.  No excuses.  Know that in spite of where life has been taking us, we constantly keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.

I always think that things might slow down this last term just after graduation and just before summer break.  And then I’m always surprised.  What a great week this has been.

Update from Craig and Tomya Peters in Australia

Dear Church Family

The attached PDF is our May News Report. We hope to publish this at least every other Month. We would like to keep you posted on the progress of the school and our students … even our graduates. This is my first attempt at this so I hope it is encouraging.

Thank you so much for all of your support over the years. Your Partnership has helped produce 53 graduates in 39 years!

You are welcome to forward this to others and please post at your congregation.

Thank you for your Partnership!

Your fellow servant …. Craig

Arthur Puente Report on Training in Central and South America

Arthur reports on his recent travels to many of the Branch Schools in Central and South America.


Read the attached PDF for the full report.

Newsletter from Steve Stamatis

The latest newsletter of the happenings in and around the school in Albania.

Hispanic Mission in Central Arkansas

Good News!!! 

The Benton Hispanic group is growing. In one hand, there have been 4 baptisms in less than a week, and in the other hand, there were 65 people in attendance last Sunday in worship service at 2:30 pm. We all rejoice for Alfonso, Morgan, Patricia and Elizabeth.  The gospel of Christ is the power of God for salvation! Amen! 

TGCBI Herald

Attached is the latest newsletter from Steve Austin with the work to all of Latin America from Houston.

Report of Third Week in Athens from Bob Jackson


Dear Friends and Family,


We have completed three weeks of our month long teaching tour in Athens.  The weather has changed from cool (heater weather) to very warm (fan weather) at night.  It has been a gradual change rather than the radical temperature swings we were experiencing in Lubbock when we left.



In Acts 18, Paul stops while in the area of Corinth and Athens at the beachfront town of Cenchrea to mark the fulfillment of a vow or an oath by having his haircut. There's not really a whole lot we know about the place, it is simply memorialized by the faithfulness of Paul.  This is where he stopped to pay his vow.

It reminds me of the necessity of paying our vows.  Paul purposefully stopped and did what he needed to do to fulfill what he said he would do and we need to be as purposeful. 

Cenchrea is a beautiful place, isn't it? I wonder if it looked similar as Paul stood on the shore and looked out over the water?  I would like to think so.  More than that, I would like to think that I will be as faithful as Paul in my commitments.     

Haircut anyone?

MSOBS Report May 2009

Attached is the report from Ted Paull regarding the Macquarie School of Biblical Studies.

African Newsletter Mar-Apr 2009 - Hogg's

Jerry Hogg's newsletter concerning his work in Africa.



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