Prayer Request

Update on Al Henderson

Al suffered a fall in the wee hours of Saturday morning (yesterday).  Shortly afterward, we were transported by ambulance to the ER.  His multiple lacerations were sutured and he was evaluated by two physicians and several medical tests.  He was admitted to the hospital.


Update on Sammy Flanary

UPDATE - 5:10PM 4/8/09

Sammy is home and sleeping at this time.  Now it is my turn to play nurse!  


He was nauseated and the nurse gave him two shots to ease his sickness.    He has been asleep  all day.  I got him awake enough to bring him home and he went to bed.  That has been three hours ago. So far he is a good patient!


I think he is going to be fine; it will take a week or so to get him back to normal.

Prayer Request - Sammy Flanary

Note from Diana Kretz concerning Sammy Flanary's health in Athens, Greece:


Prayer Request - Tom Pauley

A message received from Tom Pauley:

Paula and I humbly request your prayers as well as the other faculty members. I was diagnosed yesterday with full blown Leukemia. Currently it is in the early stages and may very possibly remain there for many years to come. However our oncologist also reminded us that it could always become aggressive. It's kinda like sitting on a time bomb. So all we will do know as far as treatment, is regular blood tests, every two months , and watch and wait. 


Thanking you in advance for your prayers.


Always For Him,

Memorial - Debbie Hale, wife of Jason Hale

The office just got word that Debbie Hale, wife of Jason Hale of 2002, died today.  Please be praying for Jason and their children as they mourn her loss.

Prayer Request for Ted Stewart

Ted Stewart is in the Heart Hospital.

He had a tooth pulled recently and developed a dry socket.  He was given Motrin, which gave him a stomach ulcer.  He is semi-conscious at this time.

Prayer Request from Randall Jones

Hi you all...just want to update you about matters here...we have had Zach in Vanderbilt hospital twice since the middle of December...he was disoriented back in Dec.18 and went to Medical Center in BG but quickly tranferred him to Vandy on 19th...he was diagnosis with a very rare blood disease called TTP which you can read about destroys his platelets...they had gotten down to 23,000 and should be up toward 150,000 to 400,000...he could bleed to death if not treated with a plasma exchange...he was in vandy until dec. 26 and his count came up to 300,000...on Dec.

Prayer Request for Sammy Flanary


Memorial - Connie Crohn

Dear Friends and Family,

At approximately 9:30 this morning, Connie took her last breath.

Update on Al Henderson, former instructor

From Sharon, his wife:

Presently, Al is staying in Harding Place, the assisted living facility near the Harding campus. I was coordinating his move long distance the same day that I was coordinating the move of, what is left of, our personal effects to California. Harding volunteered to take care of Al for two months until our son and I can get the work done on the mobile home we will be living in here. It was already partially handicapped accessible but needs a lot more work.



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