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Update on Jorge del Bosque


Bus Accident in Bolivia

We received this message from Kent Marcum regarding his son and some youth he was leading in Bolivia.

It is 12:00am... I am trying to sit here to compose my thoughts, knowing that there are so many praying and waiting for information. I just returned from a all night candle vigil for the 3 girls who died and their families. It was heart-breaking. This may be a bit disjointed, bear with me...

12 of our jovenes (youth) and 4 chaperones left yesterday morning for a 3 day trip to a camp about a 7 hour drive from Cochabamba. They are all on winter break and wanted to take advantage of the holiday. They contracted a bus from a local bus company that makes the trip regularly rather than taking the usual night time bus. After driving the road on our vacation last week, Josh felt it was safer to travel in the day. Yesterday about 4pm, we started recieving disjointed calls and information about a serious accident that had occured. Things were pretty sketchy until I recieved a call from Josh. He confirmed that the bus had rolled about 100 meters down a steep mountain. The top came off, it rolled over and over several times, some were thrown from the bus, others rolled down with the bus. Miraculously, one of the jovenes who wasn't badly injured was able to climb up to the road and hailed a taxi that was passing by. The taxi driver had a cell phone and reception (extremely unusual where they were at.) Within minutes people from a nearby village had arrived to help evacuate the injured. Half the group was taken to a nearby local clinic. The rest were loaded into pickups and ambulances and started back to Cochabamba. A Christian couple who was passing by took charge of collecting all the personal items and safe guarding them.

Al Henderson back home

Dear Friends and Family:


I apologize for the length of time that has lapsed since the last update on Al's situation.  Much time has been spent with doctors, other medical staff, skilled nursing facilities staff and meetings, meetings, meetings.  I never knew that much of what I learned from my duties in the education field,as well as all the technology training would be useful in working with folks in various arenas of health care to help get my husband back on track.


Update - Jorge Del Bosque

The office just talked to Matt and Alishia Blaine about Jorge.  He is weakening.  The doctors were going to start chemo on May 22 but his white blood count was low.  He does have a port in his chest and is right now on steroids to help bring his white blood count up.  They hope to start the chemo on June 1st. It will be a light dose to try to give him an extra week or two.  

Mike Mullen's Mom

Mike Mullen is the director of our video conferencing school in Fall River, MA.  Mike's mom went on to her Lord early Monday morning.  Please pray for Mike and his Dad, Red as they deal with their loss.  Pray for the church in Fall River also, that they can be a comfort to them.  We received this from Mike:

Hi My Brothers and Sisters and Friends,

Larry Warren - Brain Tumor

This is from Larry's wife's Facebook page:


Monday, May 23

Please keep Larry in your prayers. He is in surgery right now to try to remove a large brain tumor.


This has been very sudden... we've been thinking we were dealing with depression. Then yesterday, he couldn't walk without a lot of help and he got very confused. And we ended up here less in than 24 hours.


Monday, May 23, 8:24 pm

Al Henderson update

Recieved from Sharon:

Update on Neva Cooper

Miss Bobbie just received a phone call from Ned.

Neva has developed an infection after the surgery to remove her spleen.

She is scheduled to go back into surgery at about 5pm today.

Please take a moment to remember her in your prayers.

Prayer Request - Jorge Del Bosque

Monty Pettyjohn reported in chapel today that Jorge Del Bosque, who has battle cancer before, has been diagnosed again.  The doctors are not optimistic about his recovery.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Update on Neva Cooper

Ned has communicated to some already that Neva developed a case of pneumonia Friday night. She is still in the hospital after having her spleen removed. 



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