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Update on Sunset's Efforts to Help Haiti


We are continuing to receive donations for Sunset International Bible Institute's Haitian Relief Fund.  Read more about how we are using this money in Haiti and consider contributing.

 Sunset International Bible Institute has a partnership relationship with schools of preaching, congregations and humanitarian agencies in Haiti and neighboring Dominican Republic.  We are collecting relief funds to be used as follows:

Update on Mary Curry and a Challenge to all Sunset Alums

Dear Friends and Family,

Bryan Shelley Memorial Set Up

We received this message from a friend of Bryan's who was very close to him:

Bryan was at peace about going to be with his Lord

He truly was, and Debby rejoices that Bryan is now in the arms of Jesus.  However, Bryan’s one anxiety in the last few weeks was that he was leaving Debby financially strapped--with not even the financial resources for a funeral or for her to take his body back to Austin, TX, to be buried in their family cemetary plot.

Memorial - Bryan Shelley, '06

Dear loved ones,

Bryan went home to be with Jesus this morning at 7:54am.  He is now with our Father and his battle is over.  Thank you for all your love and support and I'll let you know the arrangement details soon.  God bless you.

Much love, Debby

Update on Bryan Shelley

Below is a series of emails from Debby Shelley about Bryan his battle with cancer.

Update on Dr. Whitaker

8/05 9:00 a.m. Please remember “America” in your prayers. America is the watchman who was shot. America has lost both an arm and a leg so far. Please pray for him and his family.

Missionary Kidnapped

Prayer request for friend and his family

On Wedsnesday evening a good friend of mine who is the assoicate minister of the Eureka, CA church suffered a stroke. Please pray for Kerry Glavich and his wife MaryJean and the rest of the family. He is unable to speak but has some use of his right limbs. The obstruction was in the left carodit artery. He is currently in intensive care at St Joseph Hospital in Eureka. The doctors have him in a 48-hour watch to determine how to extend care for him since they do not know the exact time of the stroke or how it progress initally. The do not know what permanent damage has resulted.

Prayer Request - Hollis

I thought that I'd let each of you know that I had a dull heart pain  2 weeks ago in North Carolina but didn't have my nitro pills with me so I went to an emrgency room and they gave me a nitro pill and the pain went away, they also gave me a stress test which showed some irregularity. I went to my Dr.s office today and will have a heart catherization tomorrow afternoon at the Heart hospital.

I am feeling fine now.


Prayers for Virgil

As of 4:25 on Tuesday afternoon, Virgil is out of surgery and in recovery.  The surgery went well and his carotid artery is now open.  No word at this point about prognosis or recovery time.  We do know that there is also some “non-life threatening” heart artery blockage which they will treat with medication for the next 6 months or so and then reevaluate.  Please keep Virgil and Joy in your prayers and also remember the External Studies Department during the time that a great leader is temporarily sidelined.



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