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FROM RON & JUDY IN ESTONIA June 28, 2011 The first 10 days of a five-week visit home in Estonia: God has blessed us beyond even what we have prayed! And now we are encouraged to pray even more fervently. Let us begin with yesterday and share backward before we share forward … OUR SECOND SUNDAY in Estonia (on this trip) … well, the collage photo so beautifully done by our sister Merlin Ponna shares with you the joy of the day that became the first day of eternity for three of the Aasumets family – Aili (20 yrs), Koit (19 yrs) and Kaido (18 yrs). We met them just a year ago when their sister Kaidi, the first to become a Christian in her family in spring 2010, took us to the family farm to meet her mother and seven siblings still living at home. The children all came to camp and heard the gospel taught for the first time. Mother and the seven children each received a Bible in the Estonian language which they have faithfully read through the long dark evenings of winter. Contributions that we received have assured that the children and mother could attend the Spring Retreat and other church activities such as youth rallies in both Tallinn and Tartu.

Your Newest Sister in Tartu, April 28, 2010

Attached is a 2-page announcement and photographs so you can rejoice with us because our Lord has added Kaidi to His eternal church family!

Sharing our joy with you ...
Ron & Judy

News from Estonia - Ron & Judy Warpole

October 2008

"Be patient, then, brothers, until the Lord's coming.
See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop
and how patient he is for the autumn and spring rains."
James 5:7

Dear Family & Friends

We send our autumn greetings to each of you! We are having a beautiful and colorful autumn here in Estonia. The view through our windshield during our two and a half hour drive between Tallinn and Tartu changes dramatically each week. It gives us time to reflect upon our Creator and all He has given for our enjoyment. If every digital photo we have taken of an autumn leaved landscape is indicative of our thanksgiving, our God is abundantly thanked.

OUR AUTUMN GUESTS from outside Estonia have blessed our lives. Each one has been an encouragement to us, and we hope we have encouraged them as well.

News from Estonia

Ron & Judy Warpole
June 22, 2008

Dear All … With love and greetings from Estonia …

Monday, June 30th, one hundred fifty campers—from babies to grandmothers—will come together on the campsite on the shores of the Baltic sea. Nikolai will be directing the camp again this year. He would say that he could not do it by himself and turn our attention to the many people who have been participating in the preparation and who will be working unto the Lord to make this camp everything we have all been praying that it would be.

The theme this year is "Adventures for God" and will begin in the first day's lesson with a choice: The Broad Gate or the Narrow Gate! The t-shirts that will be given to each camper have a picture of a map and compass to help everyone understand that we must be very careful to follow God's directions as we journey through our lives on our way to heaven!

News from Estonia

Ron & Judy Warpole
April 27, 2008
"The farmer sows the word …"
(Mark 4:14)

Dear Family in Christ …

Hello once again from God's fields in the little country of Estonia. You are in our thoughts and prayers often. We thank Him for those of you who continue to remember us—two farmers sowing His word in this place while you sow His word where you live.



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