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Haynes Newsletter

Dear Ones, Attached is our latest newsletter. We are so grateful for your participation with us. May God get the glory! Kevin & Dani Kevin Haynes Director of Continuing Education Sunset International Bible Institute (806) 788-3293 khaynes@sibi.cc

February Newsletter

Well, we are alive here in South Dakota; Im sure some of you thought we were buried in snow by now, but we are quite comfortable. It does snow here about once a week ans sometime more but it usually melts off in a day or so. In fact last night it snowed about 5" and by noon today it was gone and then it rained around three and snowed again at about six this evening. The weather was very warm last week at about 70 degrees Thursday afternoon, but that and Wednesday have been the only days above 50 since we arrived.

January Update

Hello friends and family!

November Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family,

October Newsletter

Hello Friends and Family, We hope this finds you all well! We are so thankful for your devoted concern for us and for faithfully praying for us! We hope that you will continue to remember us in your prayers as our transition to South Dakota approaches quickly. Our newsletter includes several things that we would appriciate your prayers concerning! With our love, Tim, Terra, and Kassidy

September Newsletter

Hello All We thank God in all our remembrance of you always offering prayer with Joy in our every prayer for you all! (Phil 1:3-4) We have been so blessed this month and we are excited to share with you all how things have been. The time is drawing near for us to go out into the mission field! We just finished our first term at the SIBI School of Missions and we are excited that we are so close to making it into the field. Thank you for your prayers, concern and support we are so blessed to be loved by so many. May the Lord bless you and keep you! Love Tim Terra & Kassidy

August Newsletter

Hello all! It is hard to believe that our first term in the School of Missions is half way over! We just completed our research week, which turned out to be one of the busiest weeks yet despite not having classes! We are so thankful for your thoughts and prayers and for taking time out to read our updates and to keep up with our progress (or just read to see the latest pictures of Kassidy! :) We don't mind!) We pray God is blessing you as much as you have blessed us! For the cross, Tim, Terra and Kassidy

July Newsletter

Hello from Lubbock, Texas! We have arrived in Texas and we are all settled in! We began classes at the School of Missions last Monday and are still busy visiting churches in west Texas and trying to finish off our remaining support needs! We are so thankful for all of you for your prayers and many words of encouragement during this transition! With our love, Tim, Terra, and Kassidy King

Memorial - Eugene Cardinal, 1967

Friends, Just received word from his daughter that Eugene Cardinal (’67) passed away in Phoenix, where he had lived and ministered for many years. Eugene was inexplicably nicknamed “Shorty” (even though he was over 6 feet tall) and he was known by that name by all who were at SSOP during his tenure. Kay and I lived next door to the Cardinals for a time while we were fellow students and we ministered across town from each other for the 10 years we were in Phoenix. There are fewer and fewer of us around from the ‘60’s decade of the school! Truitt

June Newsletter

Dear friends and family, We are so excited to be sending our first newsletter from Lubbock. We are staying with family and are in the process of finding an apartment/house for rent this week. We appreciate all of you who prayed for us during our move and who helped us load up the truck! We are looking forward to this time in Lubbock to learn and ready ourselves for the work in South Dakota! Thank you to all of you for your continued prayers on our behalf! God bless! Tim, Terra, and Kassidy King



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