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Sammy Flanary's Trip to Greece

Dear Friends,

I just returned from Greece just more than a week ago.  I thought that you would enjoy what God did through the efforts in Greece.  May God richly bless each of you.

Sammy Flanary

Prayer request for friend and his family

On Wedsnesday evening a good friend of mine who is the assoicate minister of the Eureka, CA church suffered a stroke. Please pray for Kerry Glavich and his wife MaryJean and the rest of the family. He is unable to speak but has some use of his right limbs. The obstruction was in the left carodit artery. He is currently in intensive care at St Joseph Hospital in Eureka. The doctors have him in a 48-hour watch to determine how to extend care for him since they do not know the exact time of the stroke or how it progress initally. The do not know what permanent damage has resulted.

Prayers for Virgil

As of 4:25 on Tuesday afternoon, Virgil is out of surgery and in recovery.  The surgery went well and his carotid artery is now open.  No word at this point about prognosis or recovery time.  We do know that there is also some “non-life threatening” heart artery blockage which they will treat with medication for the next 6 months or so and then reevaluate.  Please keep Virgil and Joy in your prayers and also remember the External Studies Department during the time that a great leader is temporarily sidelined.

Update on Sammy Flanary

UPDATE - 5:10PM 4/8/09

Sammy is home and sleeping at this time.  Now it is my turn to play nurse!  


He was nauseated and the nurse gave him two shots to ease his sickness.    He has been asleep  all day.  I got him awake enough to bring him home and he went to bed.  That has been three hours ago. So far he is a good patient!


I think he is going to be fine; it will take a week or so to get him back to normal.

Prayer Request - Sammy Flanary

Note from Diana Kretz concerning Sammy Flanary's health in Athens, Greece:


Lucas Vasconcellos' report

We need prayers and more prayers as we are starting a new Anglo-Hispanic congregation

in the city and area of Harrisonburg VA. This work has started in April/08. When we came here 

there were 2 families of 4 people and 2 small children. We have had so forth 2 baptisms and the

average attendance is 20. Results are so slow and so much to be done. Please pray that we may have

"our frontiers" opened up for new families.


Prayer Request from Randall Jones

Hi you all...just want to update you about matters here...we have had Zach in Vanderbilt hospital twice since the middle of December...he was disoriented back in Dec.18 and went to Medical Center in BG but quickly tranferred him to Vandy on 19th...he was diagnosis with a very rare blood disease called TTP which you can read about destroys his platelets...they had gotten down to 23,000 and should be up toward 150,000 to 400,000...he could bleed to death if not treated with a plasma exchange...he was in vandy until dec. 26 and his count came up to 300,000...on Dec.

Prayer Request for Sammy Flanary




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