Talk About A Crowd!

Asia consists of 48 countries in our world. There are over 6 billion souls living on our planet and over 4 billion of them live in Asia. Talk about a crowd! Most of these precious souls have never heard the Gospel of Jesus. What are we do do? Give up? Or re-double our efforts. Sunset currently has 9 schools in Asia. Four of them are in the Philippines. The others are located in Seoul, S. Korea, Singapore, Bangkok, Thailand, Batam, Indonesia, and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We have over 130 students studying in our schools. That is great but what about the 4.2 billion souls?


Batam Bible College

Please view my report in the pdf file below

Gerald in Singapore

The deacon at the Pasir Panjang congregation who serves as the liason for our Branch School in Singapore posted a number of pictures of Gerald and the Sacrificial System course he taught during July. How wonderful it is that our faculty are able to spread the teaching of the Gospel worldwide. Photos of Gerald in Singapore

Latest Update from Singapore and Malaysia

Dear Family & Friends, I found a little time to give a brief update on what is happening with Tamara Cook and other ministry events of this immediate time. I am actually writing to you from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia once again! Why KL Malaysia??? Well, that has to do with Tamara and Charles Cook. Let me start with an update on Tamara... The surgery was successful in the repairs needed to relieve the pre-surgery pain and she is now undergoing daily therapy and has even begun walking a little bit each day! She is still in the hospital, but might be released as early as next week!

Prayer Reqest for Tamara Cook

Sunday 8:15pm Singapore time

Hello everyone,

Tamara was in surgery for a little longer than 6 hours Saturday (2:00pm to 8:00+pm). It took longer than thought due to extra "repairs" needing to be done, but she is presently recovering in ICU and will be there for a day or two. Then she will be moved to a regular hospital room. Her previous pain has been relieved! Now she is going through whatever recovery pain there is to be found after a back surgery.

Please continue your prayers in her and Charles behalf and I will update you as time goes by. Thank you for your partnership in prayer through this trial for the Cook family.

On a different note.... We just finished up our second weekend of studies with Gerald Paden teaching the Old Testament sacrificial system course and next weekend he will return to include a study of the book of Hebrews. Near 40 students are in regular attendance!

More to come!!!

A servant for Jesus & the billions in Asia,

(From previous emails:

May 2008 Goracke & SIBI Singapore Newsletter

Dear Family & Friends,

FINALLY!!!... our first newsletter from Singapore! Due to no Internet connection yet at our apartment, I have had limited access to receiving and sending emails because we have spent most of this past week just getting settled into our home. There will be more to come!

Our love to you,
Tom, Nancy, Jaydon & Shayla
Read attached PDF

Ministry Training - Asia, June 2008 from George Carman

SIBI’s schools in Asia have really progressed over the past few years. In 2003 we had only one school (Batam, Indonesia). Today we have nine schools with the possibility of two more coming on line before the end of the year. Things are coming together and we praise God for His blessings.
Our team of workers in Singapore has now grown to two families. Dr. Cook serves as Resident Dean of the Singapore school and Tom Goracke serves as Dean of students.

Our first few days in Singapore

Dear Family & Friends,

It is Saturday night our time in Singapore and I just wanted to send out this quick update so you can report to the church you worship and serve with what is happening with the Goracke family.

We have been welcomed here with a "red carpet treatment" by many here. Jaydon & Shayla are still wrestling with the time changes, but are getting closer to sleeping through the night. This will make it easier on mom & dad when it happens too!

We signed a contract on our apartment this afternoon , but will not be able to move into it until this Friday at the earliest. We were excited to see it today! It will make a nice home for our family.

We have been staying with the Winston Chong family from the Pasir Panjang church. Winston serves as a deacon for the church as well as a board member for SIBI Singapore. He and all of his family have just blessed us with their warm hospitality.

Winston's wife, Hong Ngee, helped us to get our Singapore bank account set up on the first day we arrived here as well as helped us with preparations to use certain public transportation. Already we have gone out in exploration to get around by ourselves.

Goracke Family Arrives In Singapore

Charles and Tamara Cook and the students of the Singapore International Bible Institute (pictured here as they completed a course taught by Charles Cook on Revelation) are excited that Tom and Nancy Goracke and their children have finally made it to Singapore!  Our team in Singapore is now complete and SIBI and the Pasir Panjong congregation can now multiply the current classes and mission efforts to surrounding countries. The Goracke family will be staying with Winston Chong (a deacon at Pasir Panjang that works extensively in administering our school) and his family until their apartment is ready to receive them. This is a blessed event and we are thankful to God and to those who are supporting the Goracke family for making this moment possible.

Countdown to Singapore

Dear Family & Friends,

The time is near for our departure to Singapore!
We have been busy with all the necessary preparations and have finished up with several visits with supporting churches and brethren. We have one more meeting time with our overseeing church in Seagraves, Texas tomorrow, Sunday the 18th.

We are scheduled to fly out of Lubbock at about 7:00 am on Tuesday the 20th to arrive in Singapore just after 12 am on the 22nd...
Singapore time.



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