Last Night in Albania

This is my last night in Albania. Tomorrow I will teach the last lesson of the Seminar which actually began last Sunday. The theme has been The Holy Spirit of God. Lesson titles were, “God Fills Us with His Spirit,” “The Gift of the Holy Spirit,” “The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit,” “Sins against the Holy Spirit,” “The Leading of the Holy Spirit” and “Is the Biblical Gift of Speaking in Tongues Still in use Today?” As the Seminar has progressed attendance has regularly increased. Last night the men of the church even went to people in the surrounding neighborhood to borrow chairs. The building was filled and the atmosphere was exciting. As people came in the buzz of conversation gradually came to a crescendo. Conversation and laughter filled the air as people greeted those whom they were surprised and excited to see. I have been very warmly welcomed and the messages have been enthusiastically received. All have expressed gratitude for learning vital Biblical concepts which for some were new and for others a refreshing reminder.

Greece Report 4

John did a powerful job Sunday evening of expounding to the audience on the necessity of the Cross affecting lives.  He left no doubts that the Cross was essential to our becoming a Christian and essential to our continuing life.  All were complimentary of his lesson with all his students wanting the outline.  For some in the audience this may have been the renewal of them looking seriously at their relationship with Jesus.  For some it may have moved them closer to making the decision of committing their life beginning with baptism.  We had hoped to study with Julia’s husband this week, bu

Greece Report 3

We are continuing to have rain which brings welcome relief from the heat.  Traveling to services yesterday evening was very nice with a crisp breeze.  

Greece Report 2 - Massie's

The last 2 or 3 days have been welcome relief from the oppressive heat. Today there is rain and the weather very cool. John read the high will be in the 70’s. Now I am wondering why I took the extra sweater from the luggage before we left.

John has been working on his lessons for Albania. He will be presenting a seminar on the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, during spare time, we have been taking care of details. We always forget that it is best to use ATM until it is too late to get a card before we leave. There is only one American Express office in all of Greece and it is across Athens, a 2 hour trip bus ride bus, besides the wait time to get the bus and the subway ride. It is the only place to exchange traveler’s checks other than the airport and they charge a fee. We spent one day just taking care of that. ATM always gives the better exchange rate. The EURO is about what it was last year when we were here. It has been much higher so those living on the American dollar are relieved.

Report from John Massie in Athens

The trip was uneventful except for scheduled long lay-over in both Houston and Paris. A couple of more days and our lay over in Houston may have been days instead of hours. We pray that all of you in the hurricane affected areas are safe.

Help finding ministry:

  The wife and I are empty nesters looking to use our talents.  We are looking for a mission or christian organization that could use us.  Neita is a certified elementary teacher.  I am presently employed as maintenance suppervisor at a federal training facility.  I am an electrician by trade.

  If you know of someone that could use us or know where we could look, your assistance will be welcome.


Massie Down Under

Dear Ones,

We are experiencing remarkable success in our teaching. The courses that Ed and I are teaching are being received with such enthusiasm. One of the men told us yesterday that he had become weary with his preaching and had almost given up. He said that he had lost proper perspective and just felt like he was muddling through. He was excited to report that the things he was learning this term were refreshing him and he is now excited about sharing them..

Teaching at MacQuarie School of Biblical Studies

G'Day Mates,

StudentsI am sending this email to all of you at one time so I can't make it personal. I will just have to tell you what is going on and what I am experiencing while here in Sydney, Australia.


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