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Greetings from Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, Texas. We hope and pray that all of you are well and joyfully serving the Lord together. We are still being blessed by our Lord and by you. Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and for your sacrificial support for our work here. I certainly don’t consider myself worthy of the opportunity to impact the world from here at Sunset but I can rejoice with you in it and continue to do my best by multiplying multipliers. That is actually the opportunity you are giving me here. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!


Prayer Reqest for Tamara Cook

Sunday 8:15pm Singapore time

Hello everyone,

Tamara was in surgery for a little longer than 6 hours Saturday (2:00pm to 8:00+pm). It took longer than thought due to extra "repairs" needing to be done, but she is presently recovering in ICU and will be there for a day or two. Then she will be moved to a regular hospital room. Her previous pain has been relieved! Now she is going through whatever recovery pain there is to be found after a back surgery.

Please continue your prayers in her and Charles behalf and I will update you as time goes by. Thank you for your partnership in prayer through this trial for the Cook family.

On a different note.... We just finished up our second weekend of studies with Gerald Paden teaching the Old Testament sacrificial system course and next weekend he will return to include a study of the book of Hebrews. Near 40 students are in regular attendance!

More to come!!!

A servant for Jesus & the billions in Asia,

(From previous emails:

Greetings from Singapore

Dear Friends,

We send you greetings from Singapore. We are settled in, presently teaching our 4th Bible course since November, we are calling the school Singapore International Bible Institute (SIBI), news about the our minister training program is being broadcast to neighboring countries (Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, India, etc.) with inquiries coming in regularly, we are very pleased with the progress being made.

Brazil Mission Trip

After sending the newsletter out changes have taken place and I decided to write and ask you for help.

Great news; Kevin Smith and Chris Tomberlin, two, level-one SIBI students have decided to go to Brazil with me. We plan to leave on June 1st. Kevin plans to be with us for 2 weeks and Chris and I plan to be there through the month of June.

Brazil Mission Trip 2008

Those planning to go and flight plans:
- Timothy Jon Brumfield – LBB > SLZ 3-4 days SLZ > REC (on June 5 or 6,) Return AJU > LBB
- Christopher R. Tomberlin – Same flights as Tim’s.
- Kevin C. Smith – Same except return SSA > LBB June 15.
- Tina Carter – LBB > REC > LBB May 29- June 12

• São Lius, Maranhão, Brazil is a city of over 1 million souls where no work of the church of Christ is known. There we will be doing a mission survey.
• Recife is where TORCH will be working from June 5 - 14 ( ). There we will be helping to build a children’s playground, doing a VBS and helping to transform a church camp into an orphanage… The work in Recife may be the best mission work in South America.

Brumfield's News 4-08

Greetings from Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, Texas. I hope all of you are doing well and that the Lord is pouring His favorite blessings on you richly.


Focus on Asia - Singapore International Bible Institute

March 18, 2008

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We are happy to report to you that our plans for returning to our mission work in Asia are finalized and by the first week in April we hope to be settled in Singapore for the next session of classes. This will be our last newsletter from Lubbock, the next should come to you from Singapore in a new format.



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