Caribou Newsletter - 2nd Quarter

Bible Studies Abound

This year we have Bible studies going on four out of the five weeknights.
Monday – Ladies study at the Campbell’s home in Washburn
Tuesday – College study off for the Summer
Wednesday – Balancing Our Lives study at the church building
Thursday – Informal Bible study at the Campbell’s home in Washburn is off for the Summer

Balancing Our Lives

Caribou Report - A Dad's Duty

This week I read an article that I was sent through email.  It was a book review from The Christian Science Monitor on Thieves in the Temple By G. Jeffrey MacDonald.  The review comments on some very informative issues pointed out in the book.  The comments made and today being Father’s Day made me think more about the duty I have as a father to my children.

March Newsletter

This has been a long quarter for us.  Flo has spent most of this quarter sick and has even had to drop one class and she is continuing the others from home with only needing to go to school to take tests.  We are still trying to find out what is happening.  Please keep her in your prayers.  One good thing is that the problem with her carotid artery has appeared to have corrected itself.  Our grandson Shawn continues to grow.  He is a joy for us to be around.  We are currently watching him while Lauren attends classes to become a CNA.  

Understanding Boldness

Caribou News - Jay Repecko, Aug-Sept

Cari August and September have just flown by. When I sent you the last newsletter Lauren had just delivered Shawn and just a week ago she was married. The wedding was a small gathering of family. She and her new husband are now living with his folks but we still watch Shawn two days a week while she attends classes at UMPI. Now we can exercise what my parents called “grandparent’s prerogative.” This meant to spoil the grandchild and send them home. We are spoiling him as much as we can right now. I am trying to get his first word to be either amen or grampy.

Caribou News - Jay Repecko

Have I mentioned before that God is awesome? We started the year with a congregational meeting to discuss our five year plan and budget for 2008. To say that the meeting went well would be an understatement. The plan was very well received. If I have not previously sent you a copy and you would like one please let me know. A few of the highlights from that meeting are: Have each member involved in an active prayer and study lifestyle; To grow by one-third a year; Involve more men in the preaching and teaching; Work towards becoming self-supporting; Get more active in the community as a group; Get more active on the college campus. We also set a budget of $324 a week. This budget would cover our expenses minus the preacher salary right now.
We had a doctor from Kansas visiting with us for the last of December to mid-January. Floyd was a great encouragement to us while he was here. He was working pro-locum at the local hospital. We hope he gets to come back for another visit.


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