Church of Christ in Slaton Reopening

Brothers and sisters, this is one of our alumni, Curtis Baker, writing to us about the church in Slaton.  There have been two congregations there for some years, but the Division Street congregation grew old and few and gave the building to the other group.  This is the grand opening.  Perhaps you would like to join them on April 11 at 3 p.m. for their moving in.  I’m planning to go.  Let’s encourage them if we can.

Memorial - Debbie Hale, wife of Jason Hale

The office just got word that Debbie Hale, wife of Jason Hale of 2002, died today.  Please be praying for Jason and their children as they mourn her loss.

Memorial - Annie Jean Bailey

Michael Bailey’s wife, Annie Jean, passed away today.  She had been sick for quite a while.  He lives in Wolfforth and had helped with prison ministry with someone in Brownfield.  Please keep Michael and family in your prayers.


December Report - Barnaul

Dear brothers,


Here is my December report.


Hope you all and your families are well.


In Jesus

Andrei Sklyarov


November Report from Andre Skyyarov, Barnaul

Dear Brothers,

Here is my November report.

May God bless you and your families this month with joy and peace!

Andrei Sklyarov

Memorial - Connie Crohn

Dear Friends and Family,

At approximately 9:30 this morning, Connie took her last breath.

Prayers for the Crohn's

This concerns the Dana and Connie Crohn family that graduated in May 2002. Connie has been dealing with cancer now for a long time and this is the report I just received on her. Please remember them in your prayers as they walk through this journey.

This was the previous email dated August 1.
Dear Friends and Family,

The result of the P.E.T. scan on Tuesday is that Connie's cancer is not only active again but has
spread throughout her body. She has been turned over to Hospice care with the goal of making her time
left as comfortable as possible. The oncologist estimates that she has 6 months left. Again thank you
all for all the love and care you have shown us over these past months. We love you all and God Bless.


This was the email received today, August 7
Connie's health is deteriorating faster than first predicted. She is
in the hospital right now but will be coming home tomorrow (Friday). They now estimate her time left to be 2-3 weeks.

She is doing well now, but we are told that she will be getting
weaker and less able to communicate as she nears the end of this life. Once


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