Deuschle Family- Oct/Nov Newsletter

Hello everyone!! Here is our October/November newsletter. After some "technical difficulties" with the file size due to so many pictures in the newsletter, we had some help from the wonderful people at the Sunset Extension School across the street from SIBI. They, of course, made it look so easy after they showed me how to change it! Please feel free to forward this on to others to let them know of the deaf work here at Sunset International Bible Institute. Grace and peace to you all and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! THE DEUSCHLES

Team Lima, November/December 2008

Attached is the newsletter

Lima Report July and August 2008

In Acts 16 the lives of the Philippian jailor and his family were drastically changed in a moment. A powerful earthquake destroys both his house and his livelihood. In desperation he draws his sword to end his life. Waking up to find everything you thought was secure and permanent lying in ruins at your feet is something that the people in Chincha understand. On the 15th of August 2007 a mighty earthquake destroyed the homes and claimed the lives of the peruvian people in the towns of Chincha, Ica, and Pisco.

Lima Report May and June 2008

“…we proclaim him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ…”,(Colossians 1:28).

Congratulations! Tim and Pam

Marianne Evans was born early 6/26/2008 and was 7lbs. 9oz., 20in. She is the second daughter of Pam Woodruff Evans, '98, and Tim Evans, '01.

Everyone is doing well.


Lima Report April 2008

Since I wrote to you concerning the harvest of the grape crop in February, the Lord has has blessed us with a great harvest of souls. As you read last month 7 people were baptized from the Comas church family. This month the harvest continues with 6 more baptisms in the family in Chincha.

Victor is teaching the truth in Chincha and the people are being set free from the chains of superstition, false visions, dreams, and many other religious traditions. One of the men baptized above was involved in witch-craft. He came to Victor tormented by guilt and sick with worry.

Lima Report March 2008

I have a story to tell you. It begins in a small group in the house of Ezequiel. Ezequiel is a faithful brother that has a dream of seeing his entire family come to Christ. He is both wise and patient and ever ready to share his faith. He is a man of character and prayer who shares the counsel and love of Christ and enjoys the respect of his family.

Lima Report February 2008

In Chincha the harvest is ready, in more ways than one. Six months after the earth quake and right on time the grape harvest has come in abundance. My last trip down to Chincha I returned with many gifts including two baskets full of ripe grapes. For those of you who do organic these grapes were raised without any pesticides, etc. and they are very super sweet. Amy and I along with the girls and my in-laws spent the entire evening the next day squeezing and pressing the grapes. We now have fresh grape juice to last for several weeks.


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