Mission Indonesia - January 2009

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Christmas 2008 Newsletter - Australian Missions

Dear Partners

            What a year!!! Thank you all so much for your love and support. I applaud your efforts to get your support in on time each month. That alone has been awesome!


Mission Australia Newsletter

Dear Mission Partners Attached is our November Newsletter. This has been a very eventful month. Sadly, between economic woes and other issues, many of you have been through quite a lot. Know we have you in our hearts and prayers … always giving thanks for you and tell so many of your hardships and the blessings you are to us. We look forward to seeing many of you in a couple of weeks. We also hope to see many of you at “the wedding”. Thank you again for your support. We truly could not be here without your support and encouragement. We love you!! Craig

G'Day - Craig and Tomya Peters

Thank you for your prayers concerning this rash of Hurricanes in our Mission/family/friend’s home base. One super storm in a lifetime is more than enough. But for many in this area it was the 2nd major storm in three years! And the 5th hurricane in that period of time to impact them!!

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September Video Report from Australia - Craig and Tomya Peters

Dear Partner

The following link will take you to a site to download our newest video. It’s contents were taken while waiting on news of Hurricane Gustav. Our Partnership region was greatly spared by that storm. Little did anyone believe that Ike would follow behind and devastate our Partnership region.

Class of 87 Howdy All

It is still an awesome prividlege to be part of a dream, that will never end.  In 1985, I rolled up to the office of the Sunset School of Preaching and spoke with Cline Paden.  He asked me one question, "why do you want to go to my school?"  At that time in my life, I wanted to know all I could about this man named Jesus.  I was not in a hurry to go anywhere, nor was I planning to anytime soon.

News from Craig and Tomya Peters - August

Dear friends

I have attached the August edition of our News. In times past I was able to condense news down into 2 pages. I edited tons of stuff out to get it down to 4 pages. Things are moving fast for Winter. We had an exciting lectureship a few weeks ago. We got to help provide tour service for the Samsill family of Ft Worth, TX. Other than a shortage of free Koalas and what seemed like a 19 mile march on an empty stomach, the job went well.

Elijah and Kristen called a couple of weeks ago to tell us that we will be Grandparents! The baby is due in March. Please keep them in your prayers for health … finances … and the official start up of the New Auckland church plant. August 31st is their official start up.

Also, please keep my parents in your prayers. They are going through a lot of decision making regarding housing. My Mother’s condition is a vast improvement over how she was last fall … but she has had a couple setbacks the past few weeks.

I know I just sent one of these ... but I did promise communication!

Dear Partners

Things are truly moving at breakneck speed! This report highlights the deadlines for funds to be received at Park Central. I cannot tell you how very important that simple detail means to the success of our work … and by “Our” … I mean everything we … you and I are working for. Thank you for your promptness in this effort.

I plan to get at least one more newsletter out before we leave. If you want on our Video list … let me know … I should have one of those out before Sunday.

News from Craig and Tomya Peters - mid April

Dear friends

The day is coming quickly … June 2nd …. The Peters family takes off for Australia. The attached Newsletter has some exciting details and some important instruction for how you can help make sure this is a long term work. We are so thankful for what so many have done for us and the work. We are also so looking forward to being reunited with our Church family in Australia. This whole experience has been humbling … and empowering … when we see our God work!

News from Craig and Tomya Peters

Apparently God saw things differently...

We looked at the work that is piling up … the Special visiting teachers from Texas … the Partners that we thought were about to come on board … and we just planned to jump.



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