July Newsletter from the Charltons

hope you all enjoyed your summer God bless you all Polly

Israel's June Newsletter

Please check out the latest newsletter on the happenings in Vermont.

Atlantis Proclaimer

Read the bulletin articles by Raymond A. Leonard


Dear Christian Family, I hope and pray that you all are doing well. I have attached my latest newsletter for you. God bless Luis

BICA July 2016 Newsletter

Please check out the latest happenings in Honduras.

Recife Report Bellevue Campaign

Good afternoon, We are sending a report on the recent campaign with the Bellevue churdh of Christ. Please feel free to print and post this on a bulletin board at your church. We enjoy hearing from you and welcome your feedback. Blessings! Randy and Kathy

Our Plea for Help

Keeping you posted. Please keep praying for the work in Cambodia.

RECIFE Mission Report

Dear friends of our mission effort, Please pray for Brazil’s economy. • 11,400,000 unemployed • 9.32% per year inflation (One example of high prices is beans which is almost indispensable on the table of Brazilians – R$4,50 per kilo in 2015 and now is R$10,00. Milk is 5 dollars a gallon, gasoline is 3.93 dollars per gallon (this is the cheapest that can be found in Recife and most stations are higher getting as high as 4.54 dollars per gallon) • 4.58% per MONTH interest rates (personal bank loan)

Roland and Rose newsletters April May

Please check out the latest newsletters on the Lord's work in Paris.

Report of work

Dear brethren, Greetings to you all.Pls share this report of work to others and tell them about the school. God bless Emmanuel



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