Greetings from UBI in Ukraine

Grace and peace to you in Christ Jesus.

It is so great to be teaching and preaching in Ukraine again! What a treat it has been to renew past relationships and meet the multitude of new Christians and new co-workers in the Kingdom here. I am teaching Revelation and Church Planting/Evangelism while here and find the students as aggressive and eager to learn and apply what they are learning as ever. What a joy to teach to evangelism to a group of students who actively evangelize every day - I will probably learn more from them than they do from me. Our current student body here reminds me of the days when we lived here. It's also been a joy to see former students teaching classes and ministering here. Wow.

Sunday I preached in a small congregation a couple of hours (by bus) from Donetsk. It is in New Gregory in the Dniper region. What a joy it was to meet with these saints! We were joined by a local orphanage which added much to our experience there.

April Newsletter from Athens

Greetings in the Lord dear friends and loved ones

Attached please find our April Newsletter from Athens Greece. We will be traveling back to the states later this week for our son’s graduation, so we will probably be out of the net for the next couple of weeks.

We pray this finds each and every one of you well in the Lord

With Love
Ron and Diana

News from Estonia

Ron & Judy Warpole
April 27, 2008
"The farmer sows the word …"
(Mark 4:14)

Dear Family in Christ …

Hello once again from God's fields in the little country of Estonia. You are in our thoughts and prayers often. We thank Him for those of you who continue to remember us—two farmers sowing His word in this place while you sow His word where you live.


"As you go... make disciples" - Report from Tobey and Kathy Huff

Dear Brethren, Family and Friends

Si Na Bula (Good Morning) from Fiji

Many of will note that in my newsletters since we have been here I mention golf and the playing of such (if you call it that) on a regular basis. I am not good at it and the Lord has certainly shown me that I will never make a living at it. The recreation options are very very limited here and forget about socializing after dark. It seems that maybe some of you might have taken this to mean that playing golf is all I do over here and that while you are slaving away making a living I am asking you to support me for a life of recreation.

This was a (constructive) comment I received which brought this to my attention: "I think your continual mention of the golf games is a negative to, perhaps, many of your present and would-be supporters. I think they view it as they would here in the USA as being a fairly expensive recreational activity for someone who is always asking for more money. I refrained from mentioning this, but after one of our own leaders made such a remark to me I thought that perhaps the time had come to mention it to you." I am sorry if some of you have come to that conclusion.

Sammy Flanary's Travel Report

Dear Fellow-workers,

I have now been back in Lubbock one week. I am trying to catch up after one month of labor in Greece. The report will give a capsule. Know that I am thinking about you.

God really opened some doors. Those opportunities may require me to return before long to complete some teaching that I began, especially, with the Nigerian charismatic church.

Hope that you will enjoy the report and praise God for it.

Sammy Flanary

News from Craig and Tomya Peters - mid April

Dear friends

The day is coming quickly … June 2nd …. The Peters family takes off for Australia. The attached Newsletter has some exciting details and some important instruction for how you can help make sure this is a long term work. We are so thankful for what so many have done for us and the work. We are also so looking forward to being reunited with our Church family in Australia. This whole experience has been humbling … and empowering … when we see our God work!

Prayer Request for Billy Moore

Hello everyone. Prayer is what keeps us going on the road to victory. Please share with me my prayer requests in your peticiones to God. Billy

• I have begun attending an AA group here in Playa Azul three times a week. I still go to my group in Lazaro two days a week as well. There are only two of us in the group here in Playa Azul. We are thinking about having an event of public information here in Playa to help us recruit new members. Please pray for this.
• Pray for my continued recovery and strength in the Lord.
• We are going to have our first leadership retreat here at our home in Playa Azul. The dates are May 1-3. The church leaders from our work in Mexico City are coming for a weekend retreat and seminar. We pray this will be the first of many.
• Pray for the new church in Lazaro Cardenas. We are growing in number and spiritual growth. Malcolm shared our vision for the coast of México and the church received it with great enthusiasm.

Prayer Request for Miss Terri

Terri Fanning will be having an angiogram today. She has been having some pain and weakness and feeling very tired. She had a stress test which indicated some blockage. The cardiologist indicated it could be a false positive but because of her other symptoms they need to check it out. Mr. Terry requested that we not call or visit her at this time, since she is so tired, but if you would like to send her an email that would be an encouragement.

Let’s lift her up in prayer!


Relocation for Brian & Melissa King

Melissa called last night to say they arrived safely in Fredericksburg, Virginia. They got there around 3 in the afternoon. They filled out the paperwork at their first choice of apartments and received a phone call about an hour later to say they were approved! The pod is supposed to arrive by the end of this week so they hope to move in on Monday.


January-April 2008 Missionary Report from Albany, Western Australia

Loving greetings to all who receive this report from Moya & myself. It is hard to believe that we have been back home in Australia for almost 2-months since our visit to the United States. However, our memories are still very fresh of the special times we shared visiting with the Southwest Church of Christ in Amarillo, Texas during the months of January and February. The Southwest Church has loyally supported me in ministry for 30 of my 40 years of preaching.



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