Brazil Mission Trip

After sending the newsletter out changes have taken place and I decided to write and ask you for help.

Great news; Kevin Smith and Chris Tomberlin, two, level-one SIBI students have decided to go to Brazil with me. We plan to leave on June 1st. Kevin plans to be with us for 2 weeks and Chris and I plan to be there through the month of June.

Brazil Mission Trip 2008

Those planning to go and flight plans:
- Timothy Jon Brumfield – LBB > SLZ 3-4 days SLZ > REC (on June 5 or 6,) Return AJU > LBB
- Christopher R. Tomberlin – Same flights as Tim’s.
- Kevin C. Smith – Same except return SSA > LBB June 15.
- Tina Carter – LBB > REC > LBB May 29- June 12

• São Lius, Maranhão, Brazil is a city of over 1 million souls where no work of the church of Christ is known. There we will be doing a mission survey.
• Recife is where TORCH will be working from June 5 - 14 ( ). There we will be helping to build a children’s playground, doing a VBS and helping to transform a church camp into an orphanage… The work in Recife may be the best mission work in South America.

Sunday Ekanem

I just found out that a former Sunset graduate, gospel preacher and the Dean of the CAO Essien Bible School of Nigeria, one of our 57 SIBI International ministry training schools, passed away suddenly at his home in Nigeria. Sunday Ekanem was a beloved graduate, a beloved co-worker and a great man of love and faith. He will certainly be missed.

The funeral details are still to be determined, but we certainly want to be praying for his wife Joy, his children, and all of the Christians in Nigeria who love him and have depended on him.

I was blessed to be with Brother Ekanem at the school and have witnessed his impact in ministry. I was proud to have him as a brother, proud of our common heritage with Sunset and grateful that he was willing to work with us. Soon we will have to see the possible impact this has on the school, but for now we just thank God for this brother and pray for his family, both physical and spiritual.

I will pass along more information as it becomes available.

In Him, Chris

Graduation Means A Little More This Year

Graduation is typically my favorite time of year. I have been preparing the International Division page for the graduation here at SIBI and am thinking about what to say on behalf of our SIBI International ministry training school graduates. With over 450 of them, I really want to represent them well.

The Kite Runner

My name is Brad Pruitt. I am not part of the SIBI alumni universe but rather, serve as SIBI’s Controller in Lubbock responsible for all things financial and administrative. I normally plan to comment and report on many things of a monetary nature, but today my heart was drawn to a life event I experienced last weekend.


April 2008 Newsletter - Dan Bratcher

Danny Bratcher
Rua Joao Dias Martins, 256
Apto 1001
Boa Viagem, Recife-PE, 51021-540
Telephone – 011-55-81-3341-0499
April 2008
Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

You can tell that the winter season is upon us because with it comes the rain. Even though we have days of rain throughout the summer, winter is considered the rainy season because the rain is more frequent. However, that isn’t a bad thing because when winter comes, so do the groups from the states! And there are several groups who will be coming to Recife over the next few months!

One group has already come this month. It was a group of four men from the Hartselle Church of Christ in Hartselle, Alabama. They were here as representatives of their church, which is interested in the possibility of helping us to establish an orphanage here in Recife. It was really a great visit! The men were very enjoyable to be around and seemed to be impressed with the work here, and with the ideas for the orphanage.

Emergency Trip Home

Greetings. As many of you already know, I had to leave my teaching trip to Ukraine early due to the death of my grandmother, Mary Ann McCoy. I am so thankful to Robert Waller (preacher at College Hill in Fort Worth) for teaching the remainder of the Revelation class and Jay Don Rogers (Director of UBI) for teaching the remainder of the church planting class. We will be working with the congregation recently planted in a new facitilty in Azotny to start well, grow and develop. Please pray for this young congregation.

Walking with Paul

Dear Friends,

The South African Report - March-April 2008

Psalms 100:4 says, “Enter into his gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise, be thankful unto him and bless his name.” While the Bible (KJV) is silent on the use of either word: ‘attitude’ or ‘gratitude’, thank, thanks, thankful, thanksgiving and praise are found many times throughout God’s Word. We would say that Christians ought to be filled with thanksgiving and display an “attitude of gratitude” more than anyone else on Earth. God wants us to “Pray without ceasing...” - honoring Him with praise and gratefulness by our very lives.

Lima Report April 2008

Since I wrote to you concerning the harvest of the grape crop in February, the Lord has has blessed us with a great harvest of souls. As you read last month 7 people were baptized from the Comas church family. This month the harvest continues with 6 more baptisms in the family in Chincha.

Victor is teaching the truth in Chincha and the people are being set free from the chains of superstition, false visions, dreams, and many other religious traditions. One of the men baptized above was involved in witch-craft. He came to Victor tormented by guilt and sick with worry.



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