Bridging the Nations - August 2008

Hello Everyone,

I pray that you are all doing well. Here is a few things that have happened in last couple of months. See the attached PDF.

Zane, Tae, Naomi, Isaac, Simeon, Enoch

Project Philippines - August Newsletter

I had the privilege, together with Gift Apolinaria, a student of Leyte Christian College (LCC), to join the two days (Saturday & Sunday) of the six‐day door knocking campaign held in the town of Baybay last July 5‐10. We could not join the whole duration of the campaign because of our Bible class in Tacloban. This big joint door knocking campaign was participated by 30 U.S. brethren (mostly young people) from Sugar Grove Church of Christ in Houston, Texas, 6 Bible College students from Cebu, and two from LCC. This joint Filipino‐American activity has been coordinated by Richard Emperado, a Filipino missionary, for three years now. Door knocking from house to house was done during daytime and an evangelistic seminar was held at night with Ken Wilkey. The doorknocking went very successful as well as the seminar that drew a big crowd on the first night. Baybay, which is a three‐hour drive from Tacloban, is a very promising town in terms of the people’s receptivity to the gospel. Recent church planting and door knocking activities held in this area have resulted in the establishment of a small congregation that meets in a church building of their own.

God's building at Legacy

Olivia and I were able to celebrate a huge milestone with the congregation here in Forth Worth. God has blessed the Legacy church of Christ with abundant growth and fruitfulness. Over the past 50 years this congregation has been growing and growing! This growth has forced them to add onto buildings, move locations, and build bigger facilities. Legacy was even forced to go to two services because it could not accommodate the whole congregation. This last Sunday morning was a change-- at the completion of its new auditorium, the whole congregation was able to meet together in its entirety.

MSOBS Report - August 2008

This year has seen more teachers, more students, more classes, more activities, more challenges, more opportunities, more prospective students, more complications, and more solutions. That’s sometimes exciting, sometimes frustrating, but still enjoyable, so we press on!

Read more in the attached PDF

August Update - Porto Alegre, Brazil

We are pleased to let you know what the Lord has been doing in the month of July here in the Southern part of Brazil. We were very blessed to have visits from the Alexander family from Louisiana and the group from Daingerfield, Texas. Before we get to them I would like to share the good news of a new sister in Christ. Her name is Francielle and she has been attending the church that meets in Cantão and she decided to give her life to Christ.

Talk About A Crowd!

Asia consists of 48 countries in our world. There are over 6 billion souls living on our planet and over 4 billion of them live in Asia. Talk about a crowd! Most of these precious souls have never heard the Gospel of Jesus. What are we do do? Give up? Or re-double our efforts. Sunset currently has 9 schools in Asia. Four of them are in the Philippines. The others are located in Seoul, S. Korea, Singapore, Bangkok, Thailand, Batam, Indonesia, and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We have over 130 students studying in our schools. That is great but what about the 4.2 billion souls?


The Glamour of Mission Work

Truman Scott, pictured here teaching our faculty and staff at a SIBI retreat, has one of the great mission hearts of our generation. While not able to travel as he would like, from his computer he keeps in contact with the world and his leadership and expertise still affect the nations today. As my "forefather" in the International Division, Truman is precious to me and has provided the foundation for any of the good works God has done through my hands. More than that, Truman is a great scholar, author and thinker. He wrote a bulletin article and I thought it would be great to share it with all of you.  He has entitled the article, "The Glamour of Mission Work". 



July 2008 Newsletter - Dan Bratcher

Danny Bratcher
Rua Joao Dias Martins, 256, Apto 1001
Boa Viagem, Recife-PE, 51021-540
Telephone – 011-55-81-3341-0499
July 2008
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Unlike the last two months, this month started off a little slower. However, even though it started slower, we were still working to prepare for the next incoming group, which was a group from the Bellevue Church of Christ in Nashville, TN.

Once the Bellevue group arrived, we hit the ground running! Well, almost! Some of the group had been put on different flights and did not arrive until the next day, so we took the first part of the group to a famous beach here called Porto de Galinhas (Port of Chickens) to let them unwind from their flights. When the rest of the group arrived, then we hit the ground running!

Batam Bible College

Please view my report in the pdf file below

News from Craig and Tomya Peters - August

Dear friends

I have attached the August edition of our News. In times past I was able to condense news down into 2 pages. I edited tons of stuff out to get it down to 4 pages. Things are moving fast for Winter. We had an exciting lectureship a few weeks ago. We got to help provide tour service for the Samsill family of Ft Worth, TX. Other than a shortage of free Koalas and what seemed like a 19 mile march on an empty stomach, the job went well.

Elijah and Kristen called a couple of weeks ago to tell us that we will be Grandparents! The baby is due in March. Please keep them in your prayers for health … finances … and the official start up of the New Auckland church plant. August 31st is their official start up.

Also, please keep my parents in your prayers. They are going through a lot of decision making regarding housing. My Mother’s condition is a vast improvement over how she was last fall … but she has had a couple setbacks the past few weeks.



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