October Update - Mark White in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Praise God for His wonderful love and mercy. We pray that the Lord blesses you always with health physically and spiritually. We are thankful for your love and support and pray that in all things that we honor God in everything. Praise God that he is blessing the Southern part of Brazil. Here is our report. We started the month of September with a study in Acts given by Antenor Gonçalves. All the congregations in the South were invited.

Happenings News of the churches of Christ in Ausralia - Oct. 2008

Cairns Baptism
On the morning of September 27, Natalie Gitsham was baptized into Christ after studying with the Mombergers. Cairns brethren have put her in touch with Christians in Brisbane where she will be living.

Hunter Valley Baptism
On Tuesday afternoon, September 30, Jimi Barnes put on Christ in baptism there.

Visiting US Teachers
Herman Alexander taught at both the South East and Belmore Road congregations during September.
Bob Abney is teaching for churches in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney during September and October.

Camp Challenge
Due to a tightening of Vision Valley procedures this year, all Camp Challenge registrations (full-time, part-time or day visits) have to be in by the cut-off date of December 1. Registrations after that date will sadly not be able to be processed and people will not be able to participate. A discount is offered to those who register and pay their $50 deposit by November 10. Full details, including fees, are available by sending an email request to Bob Marks at bobmarks.au@gmail.com.

Coffs Harbour Work

The Nelson's News - Aug-Sept

I’m not sure if many of you understand exactly how we are feeling at this time, but you probably could imagine. We have less than two weeks before we leave for the Ukraine! Wednesday, October 15th, is the date for our departure to Kharkov, Ukraine. These next two weeks are going to be a blur! These last few months have flown by, but we have truly enjoyed every minute of it. As many of you know, we have spent these last three months in Fort Worth with our sponsoring congregation, Legacy Church of Christ.

G'Day - Craig and Tomya Peters

Thank you for your prayers concerning this rash of Hurricanes in our Mission/family/friend’s home base. One super storm in a lifetime is more than enough. But for many in this area it was the 2nd major storm in three years! And the 5th hurricane in that period of time to impact them!!

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September 2008 Newsletter

Danny Bratcher
Rua Joao Dias Martins, 256, Apto 1001
Boa Viagem, Recife-PE, 51021-540
Telephone – 011-55-81-3341-0499
September 2008
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In my last newsletter, I talked about the remodeling that we were doing on the church building to accommodate the school of the Bible. Well, this month was basically a continuation of the work we started in August. The building is really beginning to take shape, but there is still some more work to be done.

However, even with the remodeling that we have been doing, the Ebeneser ministry training school was able to start having classes again. This is an encouragement to us because of all the work that we have been doing to prepare the school. It is good to see the rewards of our remodeling begin to come together.

Project Philippines - September

The container‐van we have been waiting from the United States has finally arrived last August 28. Together with teammate Bobby Maur, I departed for Cebu to arrange the papers for the release of the container‐van from the Philippine customs. Taking the container out of the Philippine customs wasn’t fun. Notwithstanding the financial expenses, it took a lot of prayers and hard work to get the job done. We are so blessed to have Bobby Maur in our team; he did much effort to do all the paper works that the Philippine customs required us to do.

Africa Mission Report 1 - Jerry Hogg

This begins a series of several articles reporting on my recent trip to Southern Africa.  I look forward to reporting on the efforts of Sunset in Malawi, Botswana and South Africa.  Before discussing these mission points, I want to first introduce you to a long-term missionary to South Africa named Jerry Hogg.

Back From Botswana

Jerry Hogg and I just returned from our excursion to Botswana (pictured here - what a tough life I have!). The travel back and forth is exhausting, but the blessings of meeting with Dennis Malepa (Dean of ACTS - the African Center for Theological Studies), the ACTS Board, and the students in Botswana are tremendous. Rather than asking the churches in America for money, the Board of ACTS has purchased, with funds donated by Christians in Botswana an area for a farm (to allow our students to work and learn skills to be self-supporting and autonomous), a site in Botswana for the permanent school and they have even begun doing some building and improvements!  How refreshing it is to see our African Brethren stepping forward in faith this way!  They are also considering sending a graduate of ACTS named Ananias Moses to SIBI in Lubbock to begin preparations for him teaching at the school and ultimately leading ACTS.

May-August 2008 Missionary Report from Albany, Western Australia - Ron Bainbridge

Loving greetings to all of our dear valued brothers and sisters in Christ across Australia and other places in this wonderful world, who so willingly partner with Moya & myself through your prayers and other practical ways as we reach out to men and women here in rural Australia with the Gospel message. We are so thankful and humbled by the incredible generosity and support we continue to receive from each of you.

We realize that it has been a long time since you have heard from us, but there are many good reasons for this. Moya & I have only recently returned from a 3-month, 11,500 kilometre missionary journey across Australia. Since our return, we have been catching up on a multitude of correspondence in regard to responses received from our newspaper articles, website and radio programs. There have also been new articles to write for my regular weekly newspaper column which appears in numerous newspapers, along with other important matters that were waiting to be attended to. We know you will understand.

Wednesday Morning Report

Greetings in the Lord dear loved ones,



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