Henderson Newsletter March 2010

Dear friends and family,

We wanted to send you a brief update to bring you up to date on our life together in Mexico.

Ministry: Erin and I continue to feel that our most important ministries are to our men’s and women’s groups. 

Jan-Mar Newsletter - Rochas

Please see our attached newsletter.


Lalo Rocha

Mexico Gary's Happenings

Hey everyone. We pray you are blessed. Thank you for your vital partnership and prayers for the Lord's work in Leon Sur! God bless you and yours in this new year of 2010!! msg

excited about what God will do 2010,
M. Shawn Gary
2 Peter 1:3-11

Sardesons In Baraboo, WI, USA

Sorry about multiple entries . . . . it has been a learning curve for me . . .


Lalo and Jamie Rocha Newsletter

Read the attached newsletter from a 2009 graduate raising funds to go to Mexico City.


Prayer Request for Billy Moore

Hello everyone. Prayer is what keeps us going on the road to victory. Please share with me my prayer requests in your peticiones to God. Billy

• I have begun attending an AA group here in Playa Azul three times a week. I still go to my group in Lazaro two days a week as well. There are only two of us in the group here in Playa Azul. We are thinking about having an event of public information here in Playa to help us recruit new members. Please pray for this.
• Pray for my continued recovery and strength in the Lord.
• We are going to have our first leadership retreat here at our home in Playa Azul. The dates are May 1-3. The church leaders from our work in Mexico City are coming for a weekend retreat and seminar. We pray this will be the first of many.
• Pray for the new church in Lazaro Cardenas. We are growing in number and spiritual growth. Malcolm shared our vision for the coast of México and the church received it with great enthusiasm.

Prayer Request from Billy Moore

Hello everyone, hope all are having a good day. Please share with us your prayer requests as well.

My continued recovery. This past year has been the toughest of my life but also the most rewarding. God is teaching me so much and it is such a joy to be in Christ Jesus.

The church in Lazaro Cardenas. God has given us several families that are eager for relationship with God through Jesus Christ and His Spirit. We have several who have not yet made their decision to put Jesus on in baptism.

Our work in Playa Azul. We want to begin a small group in our home soon. Please pray that our friends here will participate.

Belinda and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary yesterday. Our small group in Malcom's home planned a surprise party for us. We were deeply touched especially for the prayers that were given for us.

Please pray for the music workshop in Morelia this month. It will be a great time of fellowship with other churches and learning of new songs.

Please pray for our little grandson Noah and his problem with his eyes. For further details please check Jacob and Amanda's google blog at www.chilangohenderson.blogspot.com



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