February Newsletter Issue #4 (Travel Journal)

Hello, Everyone! I'm hoping that you'll be ok with the change in format for this month. The guys are going into finals tomorrow, which means that it felt like my finals were last week. So I had less time to spend on the Newsletter because of finals prep, and the amount of work that went into the last one. If you're wondering whether you missed Issue #3, you didn't. It was replaced by a report to the Board of Directors, so I continued the numbering even though the report was in anticipation of an upcoming MIBI Board meeting.

Mission Update - (Marcus to MIBI)

For all who have contributed and/or expressed an interest in this mission, if I haven't said it enough already: thank you! Attached is the first official Mission Update (AKA - Newsletter) celebrating the completion of my first month in the field. I hope that you find it at least somewhat interesting, and more importantly, that you feel absolutely free to give us constructive feedback on things that we can improve going froward. Moreover, if you hear of anyone not getting updates who wants them - or anyone who doesn't need to continue getting these updates - please let me know.

The Charltons Newsletter

Thanks again for all your prayers and support Polly and Maurice

The Charlton Newsletter

Thanks again for all the prayers and help you give for the work in Scotland. Polly

February Newsletter from the Charltons

Enjoy and thanks again Polly

Latest newsletter from the Charltons

thanks for your continuing prayers for our work here in Scotland God bless M+ P

December Newsletter from the Charltons

Thanks again for all your prayers for us all in Scotland. Polly

October newsletter

We hope you all enjoy our attached newsletter, God Bless

September Newsletter

Hope you are all well, and enjoy the letter Maurice and Polly Charlton

Quarterly Newsletter (March)

Dear friends, I hope you are doing well and that God is blessing your life richly as He has been mine! Here is my quarterly newsletter to update you on my recent progress here at Faith Village Church of Christ in Wichita Falls, TX. God bless you and hope to see you soon! In Christ, Misha Kurko


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