May 2012 Newsletter by Tim & Terra King

Dear Friends and Family, We are so grateful for all your thoughts and prayers on our behalf! Our sweet baby girl arrived on May 4th and is doing wonderful! Things have been hectic with the new addition and a completely new schedule now, but we are thankful for your prayers during this transition and as we prepare for our upcoming move and continue our support raising efforts. We are so blessed to have such a loving church family! Tim, Terra, and Kassidy

April Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family, Thank you so much for your interest in the work in South Dakota! We appreciate your thoughts and prayers and know that they are opening doors to reach lost souls in Rapid City. Attached is our first newsletter outlining our upcoming plans and our progress so far. We pray that everything is well for you and would enjoy hearing from you! God bless, Tim and Terra King

Fernandez Sept. Newsletter

Please see the attached file.


The "Sinner's Prayer"

A person praying

"Dear Lord, please help other people to be more like me. Amen."


Fernandez July Newsletter

See the attached newsletter.

Update on Larry Warren

Even though Larry is having confusion and balance problems, He was able to make it to Easter Sunday services with the aid of a wheelchair we were able to borrow.  Even then, his confusion was such that he continued to try to get up and walk when nobody was watching and came close to falling. 

Prayer Request - Larry Warren, '06

Hi All,

For some of you this is a repeat that you have already received in email from me. Larry Warren is the preacher from antrim NH. He has terminal brain cancer. You can read what has gone on at Larry and I graduated from SIBI together in 2006 and he went back to Antrim NH to preach. This is where he is from. this family needs all the prayers we can give them right now.

God bless,

Jay Repecko
Caribou Maine

Church of Christ in Slaton Reopening

Brothers and sisters, this is one of our alumni, Curtis Baker, writing to us about the church in Slaton.  There have been two congregations there for some years, but the Division Street congregation grew old and few and gave the building to the other group.  This is the grand opening.  Perhaps you would like to join them on April 11 at 3 p.m. for their moving in.  I’m planning to go.  Let’s encourage them if we can.

Newsletter - Daniel Hung

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Alumni Update from Michale Peitzmeier, '85

Tent-making for support while we work with local congregation of 10 members.  Very few congregations in this area.  Most are surviving and dwindling in numbers.  Thank you for your continuous prayers in chapel for all who labor in the fields of evangelism.  To the work with the Christ and His Kingdom!



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