Behailu: A Servant of God

Behailu teaching in EthiopiaTruman Scott was acquainted with the ministry of Behailu Abebe in Ethiopia from the beginning, when the congregation in Stockton, California, where Truman and Ferne were members and where they married, sponsored the first missionaries to Ethiopia in 1961. He was associated in ministry with many of the workers in Ethiopia across the years.

Update report from Ethiopia

Dear Brethren


I just got back from a six weeks trip to Ethiopia. It was a very productive and successful trip. I was able to travel to the countryside to see the newly planted congregations, conduct leadership workshop, talk to the deaf and KG teachers,  visit some of the newly installed water wells and able to clear out the rig and other shipments sent by Healing Hands International. Everything went well and good.
Update report of my trip to Ethiopia.
Left to Ethiopia:   Jan. 11, 10
Return:   Feb. 16, 10 (six weeks trip)

Especial Water Well Areas - Ethiopia

Our brother Bahailu Abebe, who is over all of the schools in Ethiopia and has been ministering there for many years, recently shared with us his vision for continuing the work in that nation.


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